Church On the Move

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Church On the Move by Mind Map: Church On the Move

1. 01 Mission: Possible

1.1. God has defined the mission.

1.2. The Son has commissioned the church.

1.3. The Holy Spirit empowers for fulfillment.

2. 02 When the Fire Falls

2.1. Pentecost set the course of the church's future...

2.2. It would be about God, the gospel, and the lost.

3. 03 The Need of the Broken

3.1. We can't give what we don't have.

3.2. What we do have is bigger and better than everything else - Jesus!

4. 04 The Purpose Driven Church

4.1. How did the apostles endure persecution?

4.1.1. By prayer.

4.1.2. By preaching.

4.1.3. By passion for God's purposes.

4.2. What are those purposes?

4.2.1. Evangelism

4.2.2. Fellowship

4.2.3. Discipleship

4.2.4. Ministry

4.2.5. Worship

5. 05 A Church For the City

5.1. Ananias & Sapphira demonstrate how seriously God guards His honor.

5.2. Signs and wonders bring the crowds and the city glorifies God.

5.3. The way the apostles are freed for fear of the crowds indicates their viral impact.

5.4. A church OF the city has compromised. A church IN the city is powerless. But a church FOR the city is an amazing force. How can we be a church FOR our city?

6. 06 The Multiplying Church

6.1. Addition is easy, but multiplication requires us to devote ourselves to people.

6.2. We need to be equipping servants and empowering leaders.

6.3. We need to be multiplying people, groups, and churches.

7. 07 The Narrative of Redemption

7.1. Everything God has ever done has been done for His glory...

7.2. and for the redemption of lost people.

7.3. The cross and resurrection are the sum total of the narrative God is authoring.

8. 08 For the Joy of All People

8.1. The church on the move scatters.

8.2. The church on the move spreads the gospel.

8.3. The church on the move goes after all people groups, all ethnicities, all nations.