Service Management Panel

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Service Management Panel by Mind Map: Service Management Panel

1. Cashier report

1.1. Stays in in its current form

2. Daily Responsibility Matrix

2.1. Standard responsibility

2.1.1. List of stores and users responsible for them

2.1.2. User is allowed to edit list

2.2. Backups

2.2.1. List of backups for next 2 weeks

2.2.2. Displays standard responsibility as well

2.2.3. User is allowed to edit list

3. Mappings

3.1. Activity manager

3.1.1. List of activities for given country

3.1.2. User is allowed to edit list

3.2. Error categories

3.2.1. List of possible error categories for given country

4. Reverse KPI

5. Daily Status

5.1. Table

5.1.1. Standard responsibility

5.1.2. Current responsibility (backup)

5.1.3. Store

5.1.4. Activity

5.1.5. Sales day

5.1.6. Status

5.1.7. List of all activities with its completeness status for given date range

5.1.8. Incomplete activities requires record in Error Log at the end of the day

5.1.9. Displays an error log record for selected activity status, if such exist

5.1.10. Filters and sort function can be applied

5.1.11. Upon clicking on the incomplete activity from previous days, information about corresponding error log, and its change history should be shown

5.1.12. Possibility to add/modify error log record for selected status

6. Error Log

6.1. Record

6.1.1. Error ID

6.1.2. Sales day

6.1.3. Creation date of the record

6.1.4. Change date of the record

6.1.5. Standard responsibility

6.1.6. Current responsibility (backup)

6.1.7. Store

6.1.8. Activity

6.1.9. Category of error

6.1.10. Ticket ID

6.1.11. Comment

6.1.12. Status

6.1.13. Resolve date

6.1.14. Single error should contain multiple record (current one, and previous ones)

6.2. Table

6.2.1. Shows all of the records for all stores within the country, filters and sort function can be applied

6.2.2. Export of the currently displayed table

7. Administration Module

8. Reporting Module

9. Single Store Dashboard