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Disorganization by Mind Map: Disorganization

1. Picking the right levelled book - Lucian

2. Getting bored - Cerise

3. People's feelings and emotions are changing a lot quicker - Class 3B

4. Classroom library books are too easy/too hard for our classroom - Lucian

5. 1. What does that look like in our classroom?

5.1. Volume has gotten a little bit louder. - Olivia

5.2. Leaving toys on the shelf but not really playing with it again. - Brian

5.3. Things are left around the room / outside (examples: chairs, pencils) - Marta, Achille, Katie

5.4. Students not tidying up after themselves, and also seeing resources but not helping - Wei Jie, Rie, Chloe

5.5. Resources are not put in the correct spot or way. - Min Jae, Vivin

5.6. Throwing resources around while tidying up - Nha Uy, Boorin

5.7. Students ignoring safety rules (like taking shoes off) - Lana

5.8. Petty (small) arguments. - Rie

5.9. Bringing outside rubbish inside - Olivia

6. 2. Why do you think we are getting more disorganized?

6.1. Students are feeling less responsible for others / themselves - Fei Fei, Marta

6.2. Student's couldn't hear the instructions (accidently / on purpose) - Khang

6.3. Students don't care. - Vivin, Lucian

6.4. Students are distracting each other (chitchatting) - Cerise, Alex

7. 3. How can we get back to being more organized?

7.1. Checklist of tasks - Boorin

7.2. Picking a spot that is best for your learning (maybe not beside your best friends - Brian, Olivia

7.2.1. Not always doing tasks with your friends - Marta

7.3. Don't start conflicts with others - Min Jae

7.4. Helping your friends - Chloe

7.5. Meditation - Katie

7.6. Ignore the problem - Cerise.

7.7. Clear your shoes outside but before break ends- Marta