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1. Where do they take place?

2. How do these celebrations look like?


3.1. Explain its meaning to the others.

3.2. Write sentences with those words you collected.


4.1. Explain its meaning if it is unknown.

4.2. Create some sentences with the words you listed.

5. What kinds of programs are the most common in you family?

5.1. Do you go anywhere at the weekends?

5.2. Where do you spent your summer holidays?

6. In what kind of family do you live?

6.1. I live in a nuclear family, because...

6.2. My family consists of..., so it is a ... family.


7.1. To me family means...

7.2. In a family....

7.3. The most important words that describe a family are...


8.1. Describe the meaning of the word to the others.

8.2. Create 3 sentences with the new words.

9. They are your relatives:

9.1. Grandmother

9.1.1. She is the mother of your mom/dad. You usually have 2 grandmothers.

9.2. Grandfather

9.2.1. He is the father of your mom/dad/.

9.3. Father

9.3.1. The father or dad is the son of your grandmother/grandfather.

9.4. Mother

9.4.1. The mother or mom is the daughter of the grandmother/grandfater.

9.5. Brother

9.5.1. The brother is your sibling. You have the same parents and grandparents. He is also the son of the mother and the father.

9.6. Sister

9.6.1. The sister is your relative. You share your mother and father.

9.7. Cousins

9.7.1. Cousins are nieces and nephews. They are the children of your aunt/uncle.

9.8. Aunt

9.8.1. She is my mom/dad's sister The aunt is also the mother of your cousins.

9.9. Uncle

9.9.1. He is my mom/dad's brother

10. My mother

11. My aunt

11.1. My niece Leah

11.2. My nephew Frank

12. My father

12.1. My older sister

12.2. My younger sister

13. Grandmother

14. Grandfather


15.1. Write words to every sub-points. (celebrations, programs, family tree, etc.)

15.1.1. Talk about the meaning of these words

15.2. Argue for or against the statement

15.3. Make sentences to practice the new vocabulary

15.4. Create your own family tree

15.4.1. Describe the members of your family.

15.5. Do the exercises

15.5.1. e.g.: describe the picture, watch the video


16. Your family tree

16.1. here is a basic example:

17. 'It is essential to have lunch together on Sundays.' Collect ideas for or against.

17.1. For:

17.1.1. e.g.: it is a tradition

17.2. Against:

17.2.1. e.g.: Sundays are for resting and to enjoy our privacy.

18. Family celebrations

18.1. words and ideas:

18.2. word:

18.3. Wedding

18.3.1. Birthday Banking holidays other celebrations

19. Programs with your family

19.1. Indoor

19.1.1. For example: board games movies

19.2. Outdoor

19.2.1. trip

19.2.2. sports

19.3. Vacation

19.3.1. To a foreign country package tour individual tour

19.3.2. Within the country package tour individual tour

20. Keeping in touch with your family during lockdown

20.1. How do you do this?

20.1.1. With what kind of gadgets? e.g.: cell phone, laptop, tablet...

20.1.2. What platforms do you prefer? e.g.: Skype, Zoom, WhatsUp, Viber...

20.2. In what aspects have your life changed?

21. Do you prefer living with your family rather then living alone?

21.1. Living alone:

21.1.1. advantages privacy more comfortable can choose various colors to my room

21.1.2. disadvantages you might feel alone I must cook for myself

21.2. Living with the family:

21.2.1. advantages they love and care about you can save money we share the household duties

21.2.2. disadvantages not enough privacy house rules you don't like you will never own the remote control


22. Kinds of families:

22.1. Nuclear

22.1.1. Parents + children

22.2. Extended

22.2.1. Children + parents + grandparents

22.3. Blended

22.3.1. These are the result of divorce, death, remarriage.

22.4. Foster

22.5. Cleft

22.6. Multi-generational

22.7. Single- parent

23. What does the term FAMILY mean to you?

23.1. community

23.2. positivity

23.2.1. the members love and support you, they care about each other

23.3. the safest place

23.3.1. we protect each other and solve problems together

23.4. LOVE


24. My family tree

25. Learn some nouns!

25.1. family background

25.2. offspring

25.2.1. children kids

25.3. generation

25.4. newlyweds

25.5. wedding

25.6. vow

25.7. childminder

26. Learn some verbs!

26.1. rely on

26.2. support

26.3. gather together

26.4. settle down

26.5. grow up

26.6. take after

26.6.1. look after

26.7. respect

26.8. admire

26.9. initiate

27. Learn some adjectives!

27.1. permissive

27.2. over- protective

27.3. strict

27.3.1. lenient

27.4. loyal

27.5. honest

27.5.1. dishonest

27.6. obedient

27.6.1. disobedient

28. Do you have a role model who is also your family member?

28.1. Who is this person?

28.1.1. How does s/he look like?

28.2. Why is s/he your role model?

28.3. Do you think that it tis important to have a role model?

29. How could you describe this picture?

29.1. What kind of relationship might be between the people?

29.2. What does this picture depict?

29.2.1. In the picture I can see/ The picture describes/shows...

29.3. Do you have a similar experience according to this one?

30. Family rules

30.1. What do you think about Gru's house rules?

30.2. Do you have house rules at home?

30.2.1. If yes, what are they? If no, why do you think there aren't there any?

30.3. What are the most common family/house rules:?

30.4. What do you think of how an appropriate house looks like and what might be the house rules in it?