Software Lisences

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Software Lisences by Mind Map: Software Lisences

1. Commercial Lisence

1.1. One time payment. Perpetual license

1.2. limited number of users.

1.3. Individual

1.4. Volume (2,3,10,... users)

1.5. Subscription

1.6. Freemium

1.7. You own the right to use the software under cetain conditions.

1.8. Software is proprietary and closed

1.9. can't be changed.

1.10. Can't be distributed.

2. Free and Open Source Software (FOSS)

2.1. No fee to pay.

2.2. Use it with no limitations.

2.3. you can share it and distribute it.

2.4. you can change it.

2.4.1. these changes have to be free and open source.

2.5. Offer support for a fee.

2.6. Donations