Breaking Down Conceptual Doors

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Breaking Down Conceptual Doors by Mind Map: Breaking Down Conceptual Doors

1. Cool Traditional: Making it cool

1.1. What do we mean by traditional? Braaing etc

1.2. Language

2. History

2.1. History of the shoe

2.2. Why did they need it

2.3. Align it to: why did they need really tough shoes? Because we have tough terrain

2.4. When the shoes were invented they needed comfortable tough shoes to get through the drakensburg

3. How is Veldskoen different?

4. The toughness/what makes Veldskoen who they are

4.1. No one is tougher than a South African

4.2. Compare American football to rugby

4.3. South African Chuck Norris, with style

4.4. What makes us who we are? We are tough, down to earth, adaptable, only in South Africa

4.5. Could be a whole language thing

4.6. Deep down royalty actually wants to be tough like South Africans: the shoes that gave Prince Harry the guts to leave the royal family

5. What is actually appealing about the brand?

5.1. It doesn't change

5.2. Its got this heritage

5.3. It's rustic, down to earth

5.4. Uncomplicated

5.5. Unpretentious

6. Durable

6.1. They last

6.2. Quality

7. Colours

7.1. Unique SA quirks, characteristics and how they align to it

8. Global

8.1. South African but the world has found SA traditions

8.2. Embracing it

8.3. Interesting things about this is how the world does it, but this is how SA does it

8.4. They wear leather shoes, we wear Veldskoen

9. Uniqueness

9.1. Theres no shoe like a Veldskoen

9.2. There's no other thing like it, other things

9.3. What is unique about other things?

10. What it is about South Africa that you are proud about?

10.1. The pride of SA

10.2. What makes you proud

10.3. Ashton Kutcher makes us feel cool

11. Iconic moments

11.1. Packaging elevates icon

11.2. Special edition packaging

11.3. Baby's first Vellies