IPEC Introductory Module Audiences

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IPEC Introductory Module Audiences by Mind Map: IPEC Introductory Module Audiences

1. Government (outside of eye health) focussing on ministers, program planners (building eye health into policy and budgets)

1.1. Non-health

1.1.1. Education

1.1.2. Social services

1.1.3. Women

1.1.4. Aged Care

1.1.5. Labour

1.1.6. Finance

1.1.7. Statistics include reporting mechanisms in health/UHC for eye health

1.1.8. Building eye health into strategy

1.2. Health

1.2.1. Maternal and child health

1.2.2. NCDs

1.3. Other - Community Health and PHC

1.3.1. GPs

2. Government (eye-care) - focus might be on decision makers - budget and policy

2.1. Eyecare

2.1.1. National level National eye health coordinator at MoH Setting policy Setting budgets making plans

2.1.2. Subnational level District eye health coordinator at MoH Region eye health coordinator County level

2.2. NCD

2.3. PH Ophthalmology

3. NGOs

3.1. International eye NGOs

3.1.1. Health systems

3.1.2. Technical implementation What their role is Where to go / who to connect with

3.1.3. Clinical implementation

3.1.4. Academic institutions

3.1.5. Coalitions

3.1.6. Levels within NGOs CEO Country teams

3.2. Non-eye care

3.2.1. health care focus

3.2.2. Some eye care

3.2.3. No eye care Know who to contact Elevator pitch on eye care Understand what eye care is

3.3. Ophthalmology/Optometry Associations

3.3.1. inclusion of IPEC in training

4. Private sector

4.1. Health care providers

4.2. Industry

5. Notes

5.1. outcome - put everyone on the same page

5.2. know who to contact for next steps

5.3. know roles of each actor

5.4. link IPEC to IPCHC (WHO)