Globes and maps

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Globes and maps by Mind Map: Globes and maps

1. Map

1.1. It is the representation of the Earth as a whole or a part of the Earth drawn on a flat surface according to a given scale.

1.2. It can show continents , countries , cities, towns & villages with details.

1.3. Disadvantages:

1.4. A flat map cannot show the curved surface of the Earth.

1.5. Size of continents and oceans get distorted.

1.6. The maximum distortion happens in poles and equilateral regions.

1.7. The science of map making is called cartography (carte means map and graphic means drawing).

1.8. A person who makes a map is called a cartographer.

1.9. Cartographers use a method called map-projection to show curved surface of Earth on a flat map.

2. Globes

2.1. It is a 3 dimensional model of the Earth.

2.2. It is the most accurate way of representing the Earth.

2.3. Disadvantages

2.4. It is bulky and and cannot be carried or stored easily.

2.5. It cannot show landforms, location of small towns, etc.

2.6. It cannot provide information about vegetation, agriculture, minerals, transport routes, etc.