Mary Shelley Biography

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Mary Shelley Biography by Mind Map: Mary Shelley Biography

1. Family

1.1. Mother,Mary Wollstonecraft

1.2. Father, William Godwin, a philosopher

1.3. Two of Mary's children died from illness

1.4. Widowed at the age of 24

1.5. Mother had many influences

1.6. Married Percy Byssche Shelley,a poet in 1816

2. Childhood

2.1. Born in Somers Town in 1797

2.2. Her mother dies shortly after birth

2.3. Her stepmother refused her to go to school even though her stepsister did

2.4. Shelly fell in love with writing to escape her home life

2.5. Educated herself with books from his father's library

3. Events leading to Frankenstein

3.1. Travel abroad Europe

3.2. Lost first child upon birth

3.3. Read many horror novels which inspired her to write her own.

4. Accomplishments

4.1. 1818 - published first novel, Frankenstein which became a hit

4.2. 1823 - published her second novel, Valperga

4.3. 1826 - published The last man

4.4. 1837- published Falkner

4.5. 1839 - published a series of her late husbands poems along with a collection of essays and writings

5. Comparison to Victor

5.1. Victor's mother's death was dedicated to Mary's mother's death

5.2. Mother and fathers had many influences

5.3. Loss of many family members

5.4. Both didn't receive much education from childhood

6. Connections between work and life

6.1. Mary's friends conviced her to write a horror story

6.2. That horror story became her best work also called Frankenstein

6.3. Experienced many deaths in her life which she incorporates into frankenstein