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1. 7. How often do you practice your English ?.

1.1. I practice my English almost every day, because my girlfriend is from the USA and she doesn't speak almost any Spanish so I am forced to speak English. Although my English is very basic compared to a native speaker, I do my best to improve and try to communicate. So I practice English as much as I can.

2. 1. What do you do in your free time?

2.1. In my free time I like to ride my bike, tour the city or go out into the mountains, drink a cane juice and go back home in the afternoon. Other ways in which I spend my free time is watching series or movies, enjoy eating pizza with a beer with close friends in the afternoon.

3. 2. What is your favorite activity on weekends?

3.1. Every weekend for me is the time to take advantage of shopping for the week, paying the bills at home and, incidentally, going out to eat something as a family. Every weekend we like to exercise with some friends at the gym.

4. 3. Where do you like to do your homework?

4.1. I really like to do my homework in my house's backyard, there is a cool breeze under the trees, especially because the city where I live is very hot. Play favorite music at low volume and do my chores quietly. I often do homework in my room when I'm late for work.

5. 4. What time do you get up in the morning?

5.1. I always get up at 6am, because it gives me time to take a shower, have breakfast and go to work. Actually that time is very convenient since you have rested enough and there is more energy in the morning.

6. 5. What do you like to eat on weekends

6.1. On weekends I like to go for a pizza or a barbecue. On other occasions I like to make my own meals at home, to invite friends or family to enjoy my gastronomic preparations.

7. 6. What healthy food can you eat in the morning?

7.1. There is a wide variety of healthy food to eat in the morning, of the food that I can eat are tender grains such as beans, corn, chickpeas and lupines. Salads are made with lettuce, peppers, tuna, papaya, and a vinaigrette, along with toast and some hard-boiled eggs.

8. 8. What kind of clothes can you wear when you have a party.

8.1. A lot of clothes actually. The kind of clothes used will be according to the kind of party attended. If it is a wedding, he would wear a formal suit with a tie and polished shoes, wearing a handkerchief in his cam pocket. If it's a beach party I would only wear shorts, if it was a party at a friend's house, I would wear a shirt with jeans, and if it was a party at a club, I would wear a T-shirt with normal pants and a watch to show off.

9. 9. What kind of shopping mall do you want to visit?

9.1. I like to visit the big malls that offer many things to buy and see too. especially if it has a cinema, since I like to go there often. I usually go to the mall twice a month.

10. 10. What do you dislike about vegetarian food?

10.1. Actually, although the way vegans eat might be a bit of an exaggeration, I think vegetarian food is healthy, even more so than normal food. So I don't see things I don't like about vegetarian food.