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Tea Avenue by Mind Map: Tea Avenue

1. content ideas

1.1. Tiktok - 7

1.1.1. Stopmotion - breakfast platter assembling

1.1.2. Reverse pouring - sauce

1.2. Ig - 6

1.2.1. Actual Image with an animated background - 2, Ferrero Lavish & the burger

1.2.2. Stopmotion - 3donuts popping in & out - loop house of cups - have the cups stack up on top of each other like house of cards.

1.2.3. half half plates- breakfast & dinner left half breakfast, right half dinner plate

1.2.4. drink cup before 3p.m. and after 3 p.m. Top part of the jar is the image of a tea, bottom part of the jar is the image of milkshake. Text on the side to show the time difference for both drinks

1.3. Fb - 6

1.3.1. cool creative for home delivery option

1.3.2. International Coffee Day - sep 29th

1.3.3. fish & chips vs fried chicken strips

1.4. colour

1.4.1. Ali - brown,dark green,creams, oranges

1.4.2. Priya - black, white (less) dark brown rustic, red, pastel orange, pastel green

1.4.3. Akeed - Cream, Peach, Pastel yellow & chocolate brown & white for texts

1.4.4. Hadasha - Pastel colours, Orange, Peach, Light green

2. main idea

2.1. bringing the cafe home

2.2. liven up your work

2.3. a place to come together

2.3.1. a hangout place that's not your house/work, a relazing place that's not your place

3. IG Content - 6

3.1. Place to come together

3.1.1. a relaxing break person sitting at laptop front view, with a office background, have a quick transition and have the bg change to tea ave. setting. with the text "liven up your work" reminder for your tea break reminder bubble pops in & goes out.

3.2. bring it home

3.2.1. taking food/beverage out of the screen

3.2.2. have the burger and have a hand get close to it , popping in stopmotion style, quick cuts. Reaching for the burger.

3.2.3. Half - half plates, (1/3) breakfast & dinner all covered. (stay home & bring the cafe to you)

3.2.4. milkshake popping in 'bring the cafe home' have the beverages pop in on the background /(stopmotion,loopy)

4. tiktok -4

4.1. drinks as person - 3 drinks with outfits & makeup matching with it

4.2. zoom zoom audio

4.2.1. have a boring mug and when the person sits back it switches to tea ave. paper cup

4.3. who's got you smiling like that - getting food delivered through uber eats.

4.4. day in the life - voiceover

4.5. Process video - chocolate milkshake (the magic build up starbucks)

5. facebook - 4

5.1. what drink are you in the mood for now?

5.1.1. 4 drinks wt names

5.2. What our weekend looks like - video -with different types of food switching through with really cool transitions. (popcorn drink with popcorns popping up transition

5.3. stopmotion with the food box opening and closing. like a boomerang. and text pops up when the box opens.

5.4. popcorn lavish - bg cutout and have the text popcorn lavish, order yours go in the background.