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1. People

1.1. white supremest

1.1.1. Physical attacks at protests and rallies

1.2. Militia

1.2.1. Governor Whitmer planned kidnapping

1.3. Protestors

1.4. Terrorists

1.4.1. Domestic

1.4.2. International

1.5. Cults

1.5.1. Church Cults Pastor is railing on support for Qanon theories. Says I am going to hell if I don't line up and support his teachings from the pulpit.

1.5.2. Conspiracy Theorists Qanon Qanon person threaten me as I drove to work at the hospsital Friends have threaten to disown me as a friend if I don't change my mind about wearing a mask. Received online threats from Qanon supporters threatening my life.

2. Items/Objects

2.1. Guns

2.1.1. Assault Rifles

2.1.2. Automatic Hand Guns

2.1.3. 3d Print guns

2.1.4. Bump stocks

2.1.5. Large capacity magazines

2.2. vehicles

2.3. Knives

2.4. Bombs

2.5. acid

2.5.1. Kim Jung Un of North Korea relative had acid thrown in his face at airport.

2.6. poison

2.6.1. Three incidents of Russian poisoning of dissidents

3. Situation/events

3.1. Concerts

3.1.1. Thunder Ally Oklahoma City large crowd was on the street really packed shoulder-to-shoulder Fight broke out about a few feet away Gunfire people started to fall to thee ground. Two people shot one innocent bystander and the target of the shooter. Ground panicked and started running several people injured during escapae

3.1.2. Las Vegas country Western Concert Mass shooter started shooting from window of a hotel on the crowd Fifty people killed hundreds wounded before he took his own life. Crowd panicked. Several people did not know where to take cover.

3.2. Large street gatherings

3.3. Protest marches

3.4. Church

3.4.1. Mass Shooter

3.5. shopping

3.5.1. Mass Shooter

3.6. School

3.6.1. Fire

3.6.2. Mass Shooter

3.7. School Board Meetings

3.7.1. Angry Parents

3.7.2. Agitators Not parents sent to attend to create trouble.

3.8. Flying

3.8.1. Passenger attacked over mask wearing incideent

3.8.2. Flight attendant assaulted during flight over mask incident. (over 400 reported incidents)