Gandhi Smarak Sanghralaya- Charles Correa 1963 Ahmedabad

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Gandhi Smarak Sanghralaya- Charles Correa 1963 Ahmedabad by Mind Map: Gandhi Smarak Sanghralaya- Charles Correa 1963 Ahmedabad

1. People

1.1. By Whom

1.1.1. India's first Prime Minister Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru

1.1.2. Designed by Charles Correa

1.2. For Whom

1.2.1. Public museum

1.3. For What

1.3.1. Housing Gandhiji related books, letters, and photographs, this modest and humanly scaled memorial uses brick piers, stone floors, and tiled roofs to find a contemporary expression for the spirit of swadeshi.

2. Modern Architecture of Ahmedabad in Near Timeline

2.1. In 50's

2.1.1. Manorama Sarabhai House (1955), Shodhan House (1956), Sanskar Kendra (1954), and Ahmedabad Textile Mill Owners Association (ATMA) (1954) by Le Corbusier

2.1.2. ATIRA (1952) and Physical Research Laboratory - PRL (1954) by Achyut Kanvinde

2.2. In 60's

2.2.1. NID (1964) and the geodesic dome of Calico Mill's Retail Shop by Gautam Sarabhai

2.2.2. Indian Institute of Management (IIM-A-1962) by Louis Kahn

2.2.3. CEPT School of Architecture and L.D. Institute of Indology (1962) by B.V. Doshi

2.3. In 70's and later

2.3.1. Management Development Center IIMA (1982), MICA Ahmedabad, and Farmer's Training Institute Palanpur by Anant Raje

3. Architecture

3.1. Materials

3.1.1. Wooden doors, Stone Floors, Ceramic tile roofs, and brick columns

3.2. Type and Strucutre

3.2.1. Modular Architecture, Repetition

3.2.2. Frame structure brick columns

3.3. Concept

3.3.1. task of extracting the philosophies and values of Gandhi in which he worked on with the ideals of simplicity and frugality.

3.3.2. Gandhiji believed that all the human beings are equal but still have unique individuality.

3.3.3. Assume one module as a person. Charles Correa used the same module and repeated it to create clustered space which justifies equality and unity aspects of Gandhian philosophy.