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ZORRO by Mind Map: ZORRO

1. 3 main Events

1.1. Good evening! My name is Zorro!" says the masked man. The men in the tavern are very surprised and scared. Sergeant Gonzales looks at him carefully and says, "What do you want, bandit?" Zorro laughs loudly. He looks at Sergeant Gonzales and says," I am here to punish you, Sergeant!" "What do you mean?" says the Sergeant. "You beat the poor natives. I am a friend of the natives. I am here to punish you."

1.2. In the afternoon Lolita is alone in the patio. She is thinking about Don Diego. Suddenly she hears a noise and turns around. She sees standing in front of her. "Zorro!" she whispers. "Don't be afraid, senorita. I only punish corrupt people. I like your father because he is honest. I am here to admire your beauty." "What! You must go away. You are in great danger," says Lolita. "You are beautiful and kind, Lolita," says Zorro. "Let me kiss your hand." Zorro takes her small hand and kisses it. Lolita looks into his eyes and smiles. Then she runs into the house. "What a courageous man! He is a bandit but I like him," Lolita thinks.

1.3. Magistrate! I am here to punish you," says Zorro. "Old Friar Felipe is not a thief and you know it." "I am an important magistrate. I don't like friars because they are your friends, Zorro." Zorro gives a whip to the magistrate's friend and says, "Now whip this corrupt magistrate 15 times." "But I cannot do this," says the friend. "Whip him or I whip you!" says Zorro. The friend whips the magistrate. After the punishment the magistrate falls to the ground.

2. My favorite part is this: Zorro, the bandit," they all say. "Yes, I am Zorro, but I am not a bandit. I have principles and I fight for them. In California we have corrupt political men, cruel magistrates and dishonest people. I want to change this. I fight to help the poor, the natives and the friars. What are your principles?" "We want to help the poor, the natives and the friars too," says one young man. "Our principles are the same," says another. "Come with me and we can fight together! We can make California a better place to live," says Zorro.

3. I liked the book, It was very entertaining and fun to read from beginning to end, and a good experience because I don't usually read in English

4. New words

4.1. court: to engage in social activities leading to engagement and marriage

4.2. Friars: member of a Roman Catholic order

4.3. Lifeless: Having no life; inanimate

4.4. Obey: To carry out or fulfill the command, order, or instruction of

4.5. Whhip: to take, pull, snatch, jerk, or otherwise move very quickly and forcefully

5. Main characters:

5.1. Sergeant Pedro Gonzalez Don Diego Vega(Zorro) Don Carlos Pulido Lolita Doña Catalina Captain Ramon Don Alejandro Vega Friar Felipe