The Catcher in the Rye

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The Catcher in the Rye by Mind Map: The Catcher in the Rye

1. Characters

1.1. Holden

1.1.1. the novel's protagonist, 17 years old boy

1.2. Stradlater

1.2.1. a Pencey Prep student, a womanizer, Holden's roommate

1.3. Ackley

1.3.1. a fellow student at Pencey Prep, a constant annoyance to Holden

1.4. Sally

1.4.1. on and of date of Holden

1.5. Mr. Spencer

1.5.1. a history teacher at Pencey Prep, he is trying to give advice to Holden

1.6. D.B

1.6.1. he is a older brother of Holden, lives at Hollywood and a screen writer

1.7. Phoebe

1.7.1. 10 years old, younger sister of Holden, Holden most trust to her

1.8. Allie

1.8.1. younger brother of Holden, died when he was 10 years old

1.9. Jane

1.9.1. next door neighbor and friend of Holden

2. Themes

2.1. Change

2.1.1. Holden does not want to grow up or chance but, he is forced to. He is seen to want to preserve the innocence surrounding childhood. His emotions are still that of a child.

2.2. Isolation

2.2.1. It seems like Holden does not have many friends. The reader can easily notice that he longs for human interaction like when he hired Sunny to talk with. Holden himself feels uncomfortable with social interaction due to his lack of them. So he tends to act awkwardly and starts to lie.

2.3. Death

2.3.1. Holden is seen to be deeply effected by Allie's death even though he doesn't admit it. He struggles to much because he is not talking about it.

3. Important Events

3.1. Allie's dead

3.2. Holden gets in a fight with Stradlater

3.3. He leaves Pencey Prep

3.4. Holden goes to New York City

3.5. Holden goes to Ernie's

3.6. Holden hires a prostitute

3.7. Holden goes to a date with Sally

3.8. Holden goes back to home to talk with his sister

4. Symbols

4.1. Baseball Glove

4.1.1. Represents Holden's love for his brother that died

4.2. Catcher in the Rye

4.2.1. Holden wishes to "catch" the children falling of he edge. He wants to preserve childhood.

4.3. Red Cap

4.3.1. Represents Holden finding comfort.

5. Setting

5.1. Pencey Prep

5.2. Natural History Museum

5.3. New York