My Life Plan

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My Life Plan by Mind Map: My Life Plan

1. Health

1.1. What would you do to keep your body in good shape?

1.2. 1) Start eating Breakfast daily

1.3. 2) Drink Milk

1.4. 3) Going to the Gym 3 times a week

2. Hobbies

2.1. What are your hobbies?

2.2. 1) Mountain Biking

2.3. 2) Swimming

2.4. 3) Going out with friends

3. Career

3.1. What are your career goals?

3.2. 1) To graduate with a High School Diploma

3.3. 2) Get itno Mc Master University & complete Life-Sciences & Medical School

3.4. 3) Graduate and get a job in the Medical Field

4. Friends

4.1. What would life be without friends? What role do your friends play in your life today?

4.2. 1) My life would be un-intresting

4.3. 2) My friends are always there to support me

4.4. 3) My friends trust me & would never leave my side. Those are my real friends though

5. Business

5.1. If you were to change your career, and take Business as your next option, where do you see yourself in 10 years?

5.2. 1) If i went in the field of Business, i first of all would apply to York Universiry - Shulich

5.3. 2) The business field that i'd take would most likely be accounting

5.4. 3) In ten years, i'd see myself as a chartered accountant

6. Family

6.1. What is the structure of your family?

6.2. 1) My family includes my mom, grandmother & 2 brothers.

6.3. 2) My older brother does not live with us anymore. He lives on university campus.

6.4. 3) My grandmother visits Kenya every 6months. Currently she does not live with us.