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ARCS by Mind Map: ARCS

1. Attention

1.1. Gagne's Gain Attention

1.1.1. Cognitivism: Learner taking an active role

1.2. Gagne's Present the Content

2. Relevance

2.1. Gagne's Stimulate Recall of Prior Learning

2.1.1. Cognitivism: knowledge is built by relating new information to prior schema

3. Confidence

3.1. Gagne's Inform Students of Objectives

3.2. Gagne's Provide Learning Guidance

3.3. Gagne's Assess Performance

3.3.1. Cognitivism: corrective feedback

3.4. Gagne's Enhance Retention

4. Satisfaction

4.1. Gagne's Provide Feedback

4.2. Gagne's Elicit Performance

4.2.1. Cognitivism: concept mapping