La Familia - Key Activities

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La Familia - Key Activities by Mind Map: La Familia -  Key Activities

1. Drug Trafficking (Vertical Integration)

1.1. Cultivation

1.2. Importation (raw materials)

1.2.1. Precursor drugs from Asia and Europe through Lázaro Cárdenas port (Pacific Coast)

1.3. Manufacture

1.3.1. Sophisticated "super labs" for synthetic drugs (methamphetamines) Highlands of the Sierra Madre

1.4. Distribution

1.4.1. Initially focused on US Market

1.4.2. Expanded into additional markets -Europe, North Africa and Canada

1.5. Sales

1.5.1. Small-scale sales of marijuana and cocaine

2. Other Illicit Activities (Horizontal Integration)

2.1. Extortion

2.2. Kidnapping

2.3. Human Smuggling

2.4. Contraband

2.5. Loan Sharking

3. Protection Racket

3.1. Sells protection (extorts “taxes”) to merchants, street vendors, loggers, hotel owners, local gangs, and small-scale drug sellers

3.2. Provides an additional source of resources while keeping order/ repressing rival cartels

4. Governance

4.1. Acts as a "parallel state"

4.1.1. Social work/ pays for community projects

4.1.2. Controls petty crime

4.1.3. Settles some local disputes

4.1.4. Screens newcomers to the region (employing lookouts)

4.1.5. Control of outlets selling cocaine and marijuana

4.1.6. Operates rehabilitation centers (also a source of recruitment)

5. Corruption / Intimidation

5.1. Law enforcement

5.1.1. E.g. Commander of Mexico State’s judicial police reportedly received 70,000 pesos per month to provide information to La Familia

5.1.2. E.g. By mid-November 2008, local law-enforcement agencies had discovered 13 bodies bearing messages from La Familia

5.2. Government Officials

5.2.1. E.g. In 2008, 96 of Mexico State’s 125 mayors received extortion demands from members of La Familia and Los Zetas

6. Legitimate Businesses

6.1. E.g. Restaurants, auto parts outlets, pharmacies, hardware stores, bars, convenience stores

7. Turf Wars/ Bloody Warfare

7.1. Control Over

7.1.1. Control of imports

7.1.2. Growing areas

7.1.3. Processing plants

7.1.4. Transit routes to markets such as the US

7.2. Rivals

7.2.1. Los Zetas

7.2.2. Sinoloa Cartel

7.2.3. Beltrán Leyvas