Levy Books

A high level overview of Levy Books proposed Digital Enterprise solution.

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Levy Books by Mind Map: Levy Books

1. Explore

1.1. Books

1.1.1. Book Clubs in your area Locations Listings Build Clubs and invite friends

1.1.2. Book Categories and Listing Book Search with did you mean by title/Author Popular Books Recommended Books Related Books

1.1.3. Promotions and Offers

1.1.4. Know the Book Ratings Press Reviews Awards & Recognition

1.1.5. Digital Book Samples (e-reader download formats)

1.1.6. Social Bookmarking Share Twitter Facebook Apps

1.1.7. User Recommendation User reviews User Comments Videos Youtube

1.1.8. Add to my Book list Books Im reading Books I have read Books I wish to read Widgets for my site/blogs

1.1.9. Book Sale Counter Using distribution logic / sale numbers

1.1.10. Discuss a Book Blogs Forums

1.1.11. Search Books

1.2. Authors

1.2.1. Most Popular

1.2.2. Summary of Author Biography on Wikipedia

1.2.3. Author Review

1.2.4. List of Books by Author

1.2.5. Know the author Awards & Recognition Interviews Press

1.2.6. Link to Author Site

1.2.7. Upcoming Books

1.2.8. Follow this Author

1.3. Online Retailers

1.3.1. Find a store near you

1.3.2. Mobile Book Tracking sms BOOK_NAME ZIPCODE to 12345 GPS on iPhone

1.3.3. Store Locators

1.4. Publisher

2. About Us

2.1. Services offered

2.1.1. Publishers

2.1.2. Retailers

2.1.3. Merchandisers

2.1.4. Customers

2.2. Corporate

2.2.1. History

2.2.2. Management

2.2.3. Clients

3. Home Page

3.1. Now in Shelves (at Retailer)

3.2. In Retail Stores (Select Retailer)

3.3. Calendar of Events (at Retailer Outlet)

3.4. Best Sellers (from Publishers)

3.5. Branding Slide show (about Levy's strengths)

3.6. Search (ISBN, Author, Title, Publisher, Retailer, Genre etc)

3.6.1. Classic Search Classis search result view

3.6.2. Enhanced Search Search result with images and short details on the left Book Preview on the right with option to read, hear a chapter, promos related to the book, how many people are reading the book (Shelfari concept), Related Books

3.7. Most Read, Favorite Books, Random Books (Widget)

3.8. Levy Special

3.8.1. Pod cast/Video

3.8.2. Levy's Pick of the Week

3.8.3. Levy's Pick of the Month

3.9. Ads from Publishers and Retailers

4. Publishers

4.1. Levy's Offerings to Publishers

4.1.1. Testimonials from other Publishers

4.1.2. Details on Retailer Insight

4.1.3. Details on Merchandiser Insight

4.1.4. Details on Consumer Insight

4.1.5. Dashboard

4.2. Levy Publisher User

4.2.1. Retailer Insight Promotions Feedback

4.2.2. Merchandiser's Insight Blogs Promotions Feedback

4.2.3. Consumer Insight Back order Titles Titles in Demand Feedback

4.2.4. Dashboard Track my Books Sale by Region/City/Retailer/Merchandiser User Generated content against Book Consumer Shelf list InventoryTracking Promote Books Place Ads on Levy Books Publish Reviews Podcast/Video cast Book reviews Author Interviews Maps Coverage Density Map

5. Merchandiser

5.1. Levy's Offering to Merchandisers

5.1.1. Merchandiser Voice Consumer Feedbacks to Retailer/Publisher Retailer Feedback to Publisher

5.1.2. Community Connect Share

5.1.3. News

5.1.4. Retailer Channel Know about Retailer space availability Get Plannogram Info

5.1.5. Publisher Channel Informed about Titles coming soon

5.2. Levy Merchandiser login

5.2.1. Inventory Batteries Books DVD & Movies Music CD

6. Retailers

6.1. Levy's Offering to Retailers

6.1.1. Testimonials from other retailers

6.1.2. 100% Track Record

6.1.3. Delivery Network / Time to Market

6.1.4. Plannograming

6.1.5. How many titles of an ISBN in offering

6.1.6. Ads from Publisher (Retailer interest)

6.1.7. Details of Publisher's Levy works with

6.1.8. Dashboard Concept

6.2. Levy Retailer User

6.2.1. Dashboard Inventory Shipment ROI Maps Coverage Density Map Track my Books Sale by Region/City/Retailer/Merchandiser User Generated content against Book Consumer Shelf list

6.2.2. Reader Insight

6.2.3. Browse/Buy Online | Upload/ Link to Retailer Catalogue

6.2.4. Plannogramming Share with Merchendiser

6.2.5. Manage Retail Store Setup Store Details

6.2.6. Analytics On Levy Sale Leads User Interest

6.2.7. Consumer Feedbacks

6.2.8. Promote Books Place Ads on Levy Books Publish Reviews Podcast/Video cast Book reviews

7. Community

7.1. Auction your Books after you have read them / Buy other people's book

7.2. Share your Shelve (What you are reading / wish list)

7.3. Connect to Book Lover's Community

7.4. Explore People

7.5. Participate in Feedbacks / Reviews / Posts