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World War II by Mind Map: World War II

1. Hitler

1.1. the person who was behind the capturing of jews

1.2. started the nazi party

1.3. made concentration camps

1.4. killed himself

1.5. hid in a bunker with his new wife of 40 hours

1.6. his wife killed herself by drinking cyanide

1.6.1. Eva Braun

2. Concentration camps

2.1. the place where they had sent the Jewish to either be murdered or become slaves

2.2. they were run by Nazi soilders

2.3. there were many of these camps

2.4. Auschwitz

2.5. there were concentration camps in the united states.

2.6. they were camps for Japanese Americans

3. Pearl Harbor

3.1. This was japans attack on the united states

3.2. the reason why we had joined WWII

3.3. they flew to our our country and attacked our naval bases

3.4. they took out our ships and planes

3.5. they attacked on December 7,1941

3.6. it was a sneak attack we didn't know it was coming

4. The allied powers

4.1. the allied powers were the people trying to stop Hitler

4.2. great Britian

4.3. united states

4.4. soviet union

5. The Axis powers

5.1. The axis powers were the people trying to help Hitler

5.2. Germany

5.3. Japan

5.4. Italy

6. Leaders of the Axis

6.1. Adolf Hitler

6.1.1. German Leader

6.2. Benito Mussolini

6.2.1. Italian Leader

6.3. Hideki Tojo

6.3.1. Japan Leader

7. Leaders Of the Allies

7.1. Winston Churchill

7.1.1. Great Britain

7.2. Joesph Stalin

7.2.1. The Soviet Union

7.3. Franklin D. Roosevelt

7.3.1. The United States