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Portfolio by Mind Map: Portfolio

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1.1. collect different types of information related to academic processes

1.1.1. teachers and students will be able to know the performance of each one explore new forms of evaluation verify the performance of classes and the progress they have made during a school year. verify the performance of classes Verify the progress they have made during a school year.

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2.1. Promotes student participation by monitoring and evaluating their own learning.

2.2. It encourages students to take responsibility for their learning.

2.3. They provide valuable information about the teaching-learning process.

2.4. They promote self-evaluation and control of learning.

2.4.1. They allow a broader and deeper vision of what the student knows and can do.

2.5. They allow an alternative to give grades and standardized tests.

2.6. Transfers responsibility for demonstrating understanding of concepts to the student.

3. Organization of the contents

3.1. Menu or table of contents

3.2. Samples or evidence

3.3. Plot: organization or narrative that interrelates the samples

3.4. Outcome