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Social Media: From Like & Follow to Fundraising by Mind Map: Social Media: From Like & Follow
to Fundraising
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Social Media: From Like & Follow to Fundraising

Social Narrative:

Social Media Examples

Know your Donors

Who gives?

Nonprofit Social Network Survey

Online Giving Study

Why do they give?

How do your donors give?,, PayPal Here



Streamline the data flow

Google Analytics

Google Analytics Content Experiments

Simplify Donation Cycle

Apple in-store purchase process

Google Wallet purchase

Your org: BeYourDonorDay

Email plus Social

Social Connector for Microsoft Outlook

Donations plus Social

Databases plus Social

Networked public engagement

Share your story online

Website / Blog

Social Networks, Facebook, Events, Twitter, HashTags, Public Display,,, Google+, Events, Hangouts

Various types of Content, Video, YouTube, Location, FourSquare, Presentations,,, Documents, Google Docs,, Sound, SoundCloud

Crowdfunding, Fundraising for Science, Project Page

Broad Context

Lee Rainie, "Networks and Hyperconnected: The new social (and work) operating system"

Paul Adams, Grouped book, The Real Life Social Network presentation, Grouped book Interview

Luis Suarez, "Narrate Your Work, Working Out Loud, with Google Plus"

Craig Newmark, How the Top 50 Nonprofits Do Social Media

Your Experience

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