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Five Scenarios for 'managing' apps by Mind Map: Five Scenarios for 'managing' apps
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Five Scenarios for 'managing' apps

Track your sales prospects right from the first qualification call Using this a mind map like this simultaneously in brainstorming mode ensures that you are on the same page with your prospect.You may invite your prospect to this mind map before you initiate the call.

App 'front end' for established Learning Management Systems (LMS) or VLE




1. Pre-school


Learning to write

3. Classroom apps


General or business productivity tools being used in edu contexts

Standard mobile functionality deployed for educational means

4. Supplementary materials

A major focus for educational publisher efforts

Try to get in touch with the final decision maker as soon as possible.

new revenue & business models (from B2B to B2B)

The better examples of these apps go beyond content: they are a mixture of content and learning functionality

The tools and container app

Beyond books - the new gender benders

5. 'Gamification'

Learning app built on top of a game engine

Scenarios based on different roles or hats I wear




Project manager / developer

2. School tools

CampusM type apps


Paul Sweeney