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Future of Blogging by Mind Map: Future of Blogging
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Future of Blogging

Connective Tissue Standard Emerges


Facebook Connect

Twitter OAuth

Google Friend Connect


Intense Debate

Thoughtful writing works in multiple long-form content management systems (blog, traditional CMS, e-mail)

Personal Location Tracking/Mapping

Bright Kite

Bright Kite


Google Maps

Blogs Become Social Networks

Linked Through Connective Tissue

Blog-focused Social Networks

UX improves simplifying for beginners

Blogs Become 'TV' Channels

Government Data Streams

Personal Health, Emotion, Consumption Streams are aggregated, parsed, fedback

Are these aggregated and interpreted by other services?

Resources, Money forces businesses to change practices

Journalism Subsume Blogs

News Organized by Time Rather than Priority

Newspapers Turn to All-Blog Format

Personal Blogs Fade in Favor of Other Formats

News/Opinion Blogs Essentially Seen as Media

Social Networks Erode Blogs


Multimodal, with every form of structured and unstructured information

Multimodal, many ways to navigate, both aggregating and syndicating to many services and platforms

Automatically generated internal links (categories, tags, monthly, etc.)

Daumen hoch!!!

Integration of Mobile Publishing

How does this integrate / filter with personal life streams?

Further merging of personal/professional life, more sole proprietorships

More human understanding classification of content, publishing

Activity Steams


A blog is an online record of your personal brand

A blog is the long term persistence of public identity, across all domains

A 'blog' is not a certain technology, URL or platform (like wordpress). It's simply the result of "blogging". So every webspace where a person publishes his personal view on the world without editorial control is a blog.

A blog is a content format


Blogs Become Lifestreams

Blogs Become BusinessStreams

The Platform, Not the Content

Map-Based Blogging Network

Google Wave makes Blogs real time


New Formats Subsume Blogs

New Formats Enhance Blogs

Fast Retires Slow

Neue Idee

New node