Pool Design and Testing

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Pool Design and Testing by Mind Map: Pool Design and Testing

1. The UI/frontend (User's perspective)

1.1. Foundryusapool.com

1.1.1. Logo Links to foundryusapool.com

1.1.2. Language dropdown English 简体中文

1.1.3. Login Button text LOGIN links to foundryusapool.com/login

1.1.4. Text Block Header Foundry USA Pool Copy English Chinese

1.1.5. Background gradient...

1.2. https://foundryusapool.com/app/account-overview

1.2.1. Header logo Coin Select label options Profile info avatar email address States

1.2.2. Navigation https://foundryusapool.com/app/account-overview Main Content Area ? Button Sub-Accounts "Search Sub-Accounts" input "Export" button for pdf download Table Controls Table Content folder name drowpdown Dashboard Workers Daily Statistics Daily Earnings Transactions Payout Management Financial Overview "Support" label API Documentation "Help" dropdown FAQs Status Terms of Service "Language" dropdown English 简体中文

1.2.3. Main Content Area

2. Testing Process

2.1. Tier 1 (easy difficulty)

2.1.1. • Copy edits

2.1.2. • changing old links to new links

2.1.3. • changing old photographs to new photosgraphs

2.1.4. • Changes can be made in wysiwig

2.1.5. • Does not require immediate deployment

2.2. Tier 2 (medium difficulty)

2.3. Tier 3 (hard difficulty)