Media and Me

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Media and Me by Mind Map: Media and Me

1. 1991

1.1. Television has arrived. I’m a Sesame Street addict.

2. 1994

2.1. My dad brought home a computer with Windows 3.1. I was shown the wonders of the Internet with AOL, and I’ve been a geek ever since.

2.2. I was given the VHS of the Lion King for my birthday. I watched it almost everyday after school for two months.

3. 1996

3.1. Heard my first favorite song: Hot Hot Hot by Buster Poindexter

4. 1998

4.1. Became obsessed to Pokemon for the Game Boy.

5. 2002

5.1. I came across an online RPG multiplayer computer game called Runescape. I never had enough time. Not my proudest time wasting activities.

6. 2006

6.1. Grew tired of borrowing friends cell phones and finally bought my own.

7. 2009

7.1. I meet my best friend at an electronic music festival. DJ set of the night: Deadmau5

8. 2010

8.1. After breaking into the visual effects industry, I worked on the film Tron: Legacy with an incredibly talented production crew.

9. 2000

9.1. Discovered Napster and the power of decentralized file sharing.

10. 2001

10.1. The headline that I will never forget -- America Attacked on 9/11