Rapid Response

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Rapid Response by Mind Map: Rapid Response

1. Own

1.1. VOC

1.1.1. OpinionLab Data mining Get on agenda for PO meeting to show Customer Feedback module Review daily for items that need further investigation and to add functional area. Could delegate to QA once team is fully staffed.

1.1.2. SCS Meet with monthly Review SCS backlog

1.2. ForeSee

1.2.1. Work with Christina's team to pull the right data and act on it

1.2.2. Add tagging to improve reporting

1.3. Urgent Unplanned Work

1.3.1. Help with urgent work to reduce impact to other teams priorities

1.4. Campaign Support

1.4.1. Stewarship

1.4.2. Membership

1.4.3. Focus on building out technology that is reusable

1.4.4. build what is technologically out of scope for site management

1.5. Gift Registry

1.5.1. keep it alive and functioning

1.5.2. find some quick wins

1.6. additional capacity for program needs

2. Stakeholders

2.1. John Efta

2.1.1. Business Owner

2.1.2. DR Sales and Merch and Marketing support

2.2. SCS

2.3. Cristin Kingman

2.3.1. Coupons/Promotions/BRT

2.4. Christina James

2.4.1. ForeSee

2.5. PM team

3. Team

3.1. QA

3.2. QA

3.3. FED

3.4. FED

3.5. BED

3.6. IXD 50%

3.7. Monday planning meetings to plan the week

3.8. daily stand ups