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Rad' School/Uncommon Core: A Framework for Flourishing by Mind Map: Rad' School/Uncommon
Core: A Framework for
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Rad' School/Uncommon Core: A Framework for Flourishing

Setting the Stage

ABLE Hierarchy of Needs

Thrive, Road M.A.P. Analogy, Destination = Purpose (Prediction) = VI. Contribution Beyond Ourselves = Personal Mission = Future Obituary, Bc We Create the World (YOUniverse Creates Universe), Journey = Life Itself, Liberating/Empowering Beliefs About Life, Internal v. External Locus of Control, Circle of Control v. Circle of CONCERN, Life is intrinsically, not instrumentally valuable, Now Is What Matters, Life = Emotions, Relationships Are A Magnifier, Everyone Needs Someone, But Not All People Are Good For You, Enjoy the scenery, 80/20; Sturgeons Law, No work/life balance - work is part of life!, Self As Scientist/Subject (Life Is An Experiement - Test Everything), Fail/Learn Fast, Live on purpose (Intentionality), Adversity Makes You Stronger, Taking Responsible Risks (16 HoM), Failure is Feedback, Limiting Beliefs About Life, PASSION/PAIN: What's Your Why? = DRIVE = Fuel in Tank (Passion - runs out); Engine (pain), Possibility, Pain, exercising decision making --> Direction = Vision = V. Self Actualization/Growth, You can't drive in two directions at the same time, I. Health, II. Relationships, Empathy Circles, Relationships & Positive Emotion ("R" and "P" in PERMA), III. E3, Education, Experiences, Environment, IV. Career, V. Finances, Compass = Values/Principles = Identity, Actual: Know Your Truth, Mine Your Past (Conduct Interviews, 360 survey, Take Strengths Finder, innovato's dna, meyers briggs, iq, eq, etc...), Self Assessments, Strengths Finder, Innovator's DNA,, Disc, VIA Me!, Kolbe A Index/Instinct Test,, Write Your Story of Self, Info/Identity Loop & Alignment, Essential Self v. Social Self, Identity is the opposite of possibility, Concept Cages, Limiting Beliefs & Dogma, Language = Thought, Alignment, Mission --> Values --> Goals, Impact on Execution, Fundamental Attribution Error, Competence/Confidence Loop, Aspirational, Love, Gratitude (VIA), Road Map = Strategic Plan, Milestones = Goals = Priorities, Important Takeaways, Align your motion to your M.A.P.

Survive, IV. Critical Significance/Esteem, Power/Influence/Control, Accomplishment ("A" in PERMA), What's the correct balance between ambition & community?, III. Uncertainty/Variety, II. Certainty/Safety, Control, Identity & Alignment, Core Values, Justice/Fairness, Obligation, Duty, Right/Wrong, Faith

The (YOU)niverse: PAVE Your Path to PERMA Through Decisions

PERFORMANCE: Close Your Personal Achievement Gap

"The Who Is The How"

DISPOSITION, PSYCHOLOGY, 3 Decisions, 1. What do I focus on? (Attention), Law of Attraction/Your Frequency/RAS, 2. What meaning will I create? (and what need does it (un)consciously serve?) What emotion will result? (Attitude), Upset is when (Life Conditions Does NOT Equal Blueprint), Live for me, not for thee, You Can't Please Everyone, Character vs. Reputation, INNER CRITIC/imposter syndrome, Happiness is when (Life Conditions = Blueprint), Stress = Fear, 3. How will I respond to the message of my emotions? (Actions), Choice 1: Blame It, Choice 2: Change It, a. Change your beliefs, b. Change your life conditions, DREAM, DECIDE, DO, Delete, Defer, Deliver, Diagnose, Design (Power of People), Delegate, Do Yourself, Deliver <repeat until complete>, Focus, Monotasking, Eliminate Distractions, Other Humans, Managing Impulsivity (16 HoM), Music/White Noise, Finish, getting quick wins and stockpiling success, putting worst things first (Eat the Frog), rejecting excuses/loopholes, DEBRIEF, DOCUMENT, PEDAGOGY, ConnectED Universe, The Natural World, Biology, Environment, Taxonomy, 5 Kingdoms, Protista (single-celled eukaryotes), Monera (prokaryotes), Fungi, Plantae, Animalia, Humans, Sexuality, Psychology, Chemistry, Predict the weather based on key indicators, Differentiate between varieties of clouds, Physics, Social Constructs & Institutions of Humanity, Technology, AI & Robotics, Nanotech, Biotech & Bioinformatics, Medicine & Neuroscience, Healthcare System, Networks & Computing Systems, Energy & Environmental Systems, Law, Constitution, Voting, Arrow's Impossibility Theorem, Death Penalty, Education, Human Capital Management, Purpose, Portfolio Strategy, Geography, New York, NYC, Stat Sheet, New Jersey, Camden, Newark, Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Louisiana, New Orleans, California, LAUSD, Illinois, Chicago, Education & Technology, Time divisions, Months, Culture, TV, Sports, Adventure Sports, Slackline/Tightrope Walk, zipline, snowboard, rock climbing, abseiling, white water rafting, paragliding, parkour, caving, Surf, Sail, Juggle, Travel, Experiences (Life List), Travel & Taste, North America, USA, California, Coachella, Yosemite National Park, Arizona, Grand Canyon, Louisiana, New Orleans, Mardi Gras, Voodoo Fest, New York, Niagara Falls, NYC, To Do, To Eat, Burger, Pizza, Nevada, Burning Man, Vegas, Utah, Zion National Park, Colorado, Mesa Verde, Indiana, Indy 500, South Dakota, Mt. Rushmore, Alaska, See the Northern Lights, Salmon Run, Canada, Ontario, Niagara Falls, Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis), Mexico, Chichen Itza, Teotihuacan, Central America, Guatemala, Tikal, Panama, Panama Canal, South America, Brazil, Iguazu Falls (border of Argentina & Brazil), Christ the Redeemer, Amazon Rainforest, Ride Amazon River, Dance throgh the Sambodromo at Carnival, Rio de Janeiro, Corcovado Mountain, Peru, Machu Picchu Ruins, Ecuador, Quito, Take a photo on both sides of the equator, Galapagos Islands, Snorkeling, Bolivia, Salar de Uyuni Saltflats, Argentina, Tango, Easter Island, Antarctica, Be there., Europe, Spain, Pamplona, Running of the Bulls, Bunol in Valencia, La Tomatina, Balearic Islands (inc. Ibiza), Party, Germany, Oktoberfest, Neuschwanstein Castle, Hohenzollern Castle, Italy, Rome, Pompeii, Colosseum, Vatican, Sistine Chapel, St. Peter's Basilica, Florence, Duomo, Uffizi Gallery, Venice, Gondola Ride, Pisa, Leaning Tower of Pisa, Monaco, Monaco Grand Prix, France, 24 Hours of Le Mans Autorace, Top of the Eiffel Tower, Palace of Versailles, The Louvre, Cathedral of Notre Dame, Le Mont St. Michel, Ireland, St. Patrick's Day, Kiss the Blarney Stone, United Kingdom, Giants Causeway, Glastonbury Festival, Stonehenge, Scotland, Bagpipe, Loch Ness, Iceland, Blue Lagoon, Ukraine, Chernobyl, Croatia, Plitvice Lakes National Park, Switzerland, Hike the Dolomites Mountains, Greece, Parthenon, Acropolis, Home of the Oracle at Delphi, Blue Domed Church at Santori, Russia, Moscow, St. Basil's Cathedral, Trans-Siberian Railroad, Asia, Thailand, Koh Phangan, Full Moon Party (all night), Take Mauy Thai Class, Songkran, World's biggest water fight, Turkey, Istanbul, Hagia Sofia, Blue Mosque, Ephesus, Israel, Krav Maga, Jerusalem's Old City, Jordan, Petra, China, Great Wall of China, Yangtze River, Shaolin, Kung Fu, Tibet, Potala Palace, Mongolia, Naadam Festival, Myanmar, Hot air balloon ride, Bagan, Japan, Cherry blossom festival, Zen Garden of Kyoto, Philippines, Watch Jai alai, Ati-Atihan Festival, Banaue Rice Terraces, India, Taj Mehal, Holi Festival, Dwali Festival, Brunei, Palace of Brunei, Malaysia, Eat Durian, Petronas Twin Towers, Cambodia, Temples of Angkor (Angkor Wat), Indonesia, Borobudur Temple, UAE, Dubai, Africa, Zimbabwe (or Zambia), Victoria Falls (largest waterfall), Tanzania, Climb Mount Kilimanjaro, See the Big 5 in the Serengeti, Morocco, Sahara Desert, Kenya, Serengeti - See the Big 5 at Masai Mara, South Africa, See the Big 5 at Kruger National Park, Cape of Good Hope, Egypt, Pyramids of Giza, Karnak, Valley of the Kings, Madagascar, go., Oceana, New Zealand, Go Zorbing, Bunjee Jump in Queenstown, Sky Dive, Australia, Great Barrier Reef, Go Scuba Diving, Overland Track, Eureka Tower, Sydney, Sydney Harbour Bridge, Uluru (Ayers Rock), Melbourne Aquarium, Melbourne Immigration Museum, Fiji, Drink Kava, Bora Bora, Food, Art History, Sculptures, Film, Oscars, Theater, Tonys, Emmys, Music, Grammys, Genres & Sounds, Evolution, Artists, Literature, Pulitzer Prize, Philosophy/Religion, Order of Greek Philosophers, 7 Deadly Sins, Measures of Human Progress, UN Human Development Index, Social Progress Index (SPI), Gross National Happiness, Legatum Prosperity Index, "The Bottom Billion", Politics/Power, Race, Class, Gender, Sexuality, Economics, Purchasing Power Parity, Money, Who's On Our Money?, Putting It All Together = his/her/theirSTORY, Chronologically, 0. Origins of the Universe, Big Bang (13.7 billion ago), Solar Systems Formed (5 bil ago), Earth and moon formed (4.6 bil ago), Earth's crust and oceans formed (3.8 bil), I. Pre-Cambrian Period, 1st single-cell life appears (3.5 bil), Oxygen appears in earth's atmosphere (2 bil), oxygen levels permit photosynthess = plant life emerges (1 bil ago), II. Cambrian Period, Earth habit for mulicellular life (600million years ago), 1st sea dwelling life forms come onto land to begin amphibious life (370 mil ago), 1st dinosaurs (240 mil ago), Vetebrate life begins (200 mil ago), Dinosaurs disappear; 1st mammals appear (65 mil ago), III. Pre-Historic Era, Stone Age, Old Stone Age = Paleolithic Age (2.5million BCE - 8000 BCE), Austrlopithcus Anamnesis lives in Kenya (4mil-1mil BCE), LUCY lives, Homo habilis = 1st stone tools (2.5-1.5 mil BCE), Homo Erectus in Africa, migrates to Asia, then Europe = fire (1.6 mil-30K BCE), Neanderthanl Man (200K-30K BCE), Humans migrate to North America from Asia via Bering Straight (20-15K BCE), New Stone Age = Neolithic Revolution = Agricultural Revolution (8000-3000 BCE), Copper Age, Bronze Age, Sumer (3300-2500 BCE), Iron Age (2500 - 2000 BCE), Mesopotamia = 1st Civilization, Egypt (3150 BCE - 1000 BCE), Indus River Valley (India) (2500-1750 BCE), IV. Classical Age, Greece (2000-300 BCE), Moses Leads Israelites (1400 BCE), Trojan War (1200 BCE), Mayan Culture Flourishes in Central America (1000 BCE), Rome Established (700 BCE - 500 CE, Socrates Lays Foundation for Western Thought (400s BCE), Roman Empire Established by Augustus = Pax Romana (20s BCE), Jesus is Crucified (30 CE), Fall of Han Dynasty (220), V. Middle Ages (500-1300), Hun Dynasty in Europe (400s-453), Byzantine Empire Grows in Strength (500s), Flight of Muhammad to Medina - Start of Islam(622), Feudal System Beings (700s), Mongol Domination of Asia (1200-1300), Magna Carta Signed (1215), VI. Renaissance Expansion & Reformation (1300-1600), European Renaissance Begins (1300-1600), Gutenberg Builds First Printing Press (1440s), Byzantine Empire Falls to Ottoman Turks (1453), VII. The Enlightenment & Scientific Revolution (1600-1700), VIII. The Revolutionary Era (1700-1900), Height of Atlantic Slave Trade (1750-1780), French Revolution (1789), Scramble for Africa (1870s), IX. The Modern World (1900-Present), WWI (1914-1918), WWII (1939-1945), Geo-Politically, Europe, ??, Parts of Great Britain, Asia, Former USSR, East Asia, Southeast Asia, South Asia, Australia, South America, Africa, Antarctica, North America, Canada, United States, Indiana, Indianapolis, Mexico, Central America, Caribbean, Thematically, Identity, Resistance & Revolution (Conflict & Cooperation), Black Americans, Ancient West African Kingdoms & Origins of the Slave Trade, Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade, Slave Life in the Americas, Abolitionism, Civil War, Reconstruction, Jim Crow & Black Resistance, Great Migration & Harlem Renaissance, Civil Rights Movement, Crack Epidemic, Women, Homosexuals, Science and Technology, PHYSIOLOGY, What (P - EM - S) = ENERGY, Physical, Emotional, Humor (VIA), Zest/Enthusiasm (VIA), Hope/Optimism (VIA), Kind (VIA), Bravery (VIA), Mental, Creativity (VIA), Creating, Imagining and Innovating (16 HoM), Curiosity (VIA), Spiritual/Intuitional, How ( Take Your "MEDS"), Meditation, Tools, Headspace,, Types, Walking Meditation, Walk in nature, Standing Meditation, Lying Down Meditation, Sitting Meditation, Exercise, Emotional, Exercises, Tear, Uncertainty, Willpower, Vulnerability, Say hello to strangers, Keep a gratitude journal, Repair, Spiritual/Intuitional, Exercises, Tear, Repair, Mental, Exercises, Tear, idea journal, Repair, Physical, Exercises, Tear, Dance,, Repair, Release stored trauma through massage, Diet, Physical, Hydration, Food, Vitamin D, Fish Oil, Sun, Emotional, Social Interactions, Mental, Spiritual/Intuational, Sleep, Dark, Face Mask, Curtains, Cool, Quiet, Ear plugs

DISCIPLINE:  Systems F.I.R.S.T., Financial, Information, Get a Bigger Screen, Resist FOMO, Reading, touching it once, Relationship, Stuff, Stuff (Quality > Quantity), Donate, Delete, Deal, Time, Time Management Doesn't Exist, Managing Priorities, Plan, Priority v. Not-A-Priority, Essential v. Optional, Hell Yes! or No., Pass (Good Enough) v. Fail, Focus On Sufficiency, Not Maximization, Binary Brain, Shallow Work v. Deep Work, Work Accomplished = Time Spent x Intensity, priorities, forming good habits, 1. Cue/trigger, 2. Routine, Ritualize the Mundane to Make Room for the Marvelous, 3. Reward, breaking bad habits, 1. cue/trigger, Anxiety/Overwhelm, Don't Know Next Step, Have Made It Bigger Than It Is, Fear, ...Of Imperfection/Failure/The Outcome, ...Of Asking for Help, 2. routine, 3. reward, Procrastination (Behavior Change), Skill (Ability), Will (power) / Motivation v. Inspiration, Persisting (16 HoM), Fall in Love w/ the Process, what would make things 10% better?, A lot of little is a lot, Grit/Perseverance (VIA), Time Tracking, RescueTime, "Calendar is King.", Maker Schedule vs. Manager Schedule, Choose Your Workweek, Truth in Calendaring = Hofstadter's Law

DISTINCTION, Practicing to Progess Toward Proficiency (Learn 2 Learn Anything), How to Watch, how to describe/critique a movie, Learning Continuously (16 HoM), How to Listen, How to Read, Non-Fiction, "R.E.A.D." (Chauncey Nartey), Research, Extract, Analyze & Assimilate, Deploy, How to describe/critique a book, dropping literary references, Fiction, Coaching/Learn from the Best, Learn Anything (Tim Ferriss), DSSS ("Diss"), Deconstruction, 80/20 Rule, Selection, Sequencing, Stakes, CFE ("Cafe"), Compression, Frequency, Encoding (Memory), Systems/Cycles Thinking, Practice, People, presentation & Persuasion, Leadership (VIA), Rock the Room, Games, Group, Tape Wars, 1v1, Lion-Hearted Leadership, Love, Influence, Relationship Mastery, Coaching/"Managing", Types, Romantic Partnership, What, Heart, Soul, Hands, Head, How, Communication, Oral Communication, The Art of Conversation, Conversation Starters/Topics, Level 1: Location/Occassion, Level 2: Career/Passion, what do you like about your life?, Level 3: Past Pleasant Childhood Experiences, Questioning, Questioning and Posing Problems (16 HoM), Charisma, Presence, Power, Warmth, Body Language, Storytelling, One Liners, Sticky Stories (s.u.c.c.e.s.s.), Listening, Listening to Others with Understanding and Empathy (16 HoM), Reading Between the Lines, Humor, Finding Humor (16 HoM), Banter/One Liners, Clarity, Precision, Tone, Roger Love Vocal Coach, Thinking and Communicating with Clarity and Precision (16 HoM), Written Communication, Cover Letter, Email Communication, Ramit's 50 Proven Email Scripts, Non-Verbal Communication, Modeling, Giving Feedback, Honor Success, Celebrate Victories, Servant/Service Leadership, Forgiveness (VIA), Build Company/Culture, Core Values, Ownership, Excellence, Courage, Team, Core Competencies, Speed (bias for action), Best Practices, Weekly Q&A w/ Leadership, Hiring, Attracting, Interviewing, Competence (can the do the job?), Culture Fit (should they do the job here?), Onboarding, First Day, Teaming, Culture, Employee Relations, Managing Bias, Recognize acts of courage & "failures", 1. Identify and play to your strengths, and help others do the same, Uncover strengths, Loved It/Loathed It (weekly t chart), Find most impactful way to volunteer them, Come to me/don't come to me when, neutralize your "weaknesses", help others do the same, 2. Situational leadership, 3. Difficult conversations, "fix of the week" (Facebook), Build Product/Strategy, Lessons In Love: Parent Like A Teacher / Teach Like A Parent, Organizing, "Politics/Organizing",,, Networking, hireED: The Blueprint to Securing Your Dream Job In Education, Resume [STAND OUT FROM THE STACK], Presentation, Define your personal style, Hygiene, Shaving, Assemble an outfit, Understand clothes care, Brand (You When You're Not There), Personal Website, Social Media, Nutshellmail, Problem Solving, Prototyping & Design Thinking, Part 0: notice there's a problem, Part I: decide to take action, what is worth devoting resources to doing?, why is that worth doing?, When is the right time to do it?, Part II: persuade others to follow you and your plan, Principles of Organizing, Networking, who should do the work?, Persuasion, Pitching, Sales, 1. Curiosity, 2. Empowerment, 3. Possibility and Trust, 4. Urgency, 5. No Brainer, 6. Sense of Having Begun, Negotiation, Marketing, liking, social proof, authority, scarcity, momentum, contrast, Cold Calls, Getting Returned Calls, Part III: finish, "Consulting", Structured Problem Solving (Case Method), Taxonomy of Thinking Skills, Analytical Reasoning (LOGIC), Identifying Characteristics, Recognizing Attributes, Making an Observation, Gathering Data Through All Senses (16 HoM), Discriminating Between Same and Different, Comparing and Contrasting, Categorizing, Classifying, Criteria Setting, Ranking, Prioritizing and Sequencing, Seeing Relationships, Predicting, Determining Cause and Effect, Making Analogies, Organizational/Systems Thinking, Memory, Summarizing, Metacogniztion, Thinking About Our Thinking (Metacognition) - (16 HoM), Goal Setting, Formulating Questions, Developing Hypotheses, Generalizing, Problem Solving, Decision Making, Planning, Critical Thinking/Judgment (VIA), Inductive Thinking, Deductive Thinking, Determining Reality and Fantasy, Determining Benefits and Drawbacks, Identifying Value Statements, Striving for Accuracy and Precision (16 HoM), Prudence (VIA), Identifying Point of view, Determining Bias, Determining the Accuracy of presented Information, Judging Essential and Incidental Evidence, Determining Relevance, Identifying Missing Information, Judging the Credibility of a Source, Determining Warranted and Unwarranted Claims, Recognizing Assumptions, Recognizing Fallacies, Detecting Inconsistencies in an Argument, Identifying Ambiguity, Identifying Exaggeration, "CREAT(E)ivity", Fluency, Flexibility, Originality, Elaboration, Imagery, Design Thinking (Entrepreneurship/Making), Create a story of a challenge, Thinking Interdependently (HoM), Create a falsifiable hypothesis, Rapid Prototyping (Tom Chi), Get to the quickest path to the experience, doing is the best kind of thinking, reason with direct experience, and not the mind, to maximize the rate of learning, we dramatically minimize the time to try things, Have the "approvers" contribute to the creation: "let's make this investment ready.", don't guess; learn. don't fail; learn., Don't let "failures" blacken an area, Applying Past Knowledge (Models) to New Situations aka "Creativity" (16 HoM), "The right _______ at the right time.",, 6 Thinking Hats, 4 D's of Singularity, Digitize, Dematerialize, Demonetize, Democratize, SCAMPER Modification Techniques, Substitute, Combine, Adapt, Modify or Minify, Put to New Use, Eliminate, Reverse, Rearrange, Stanford D school methods, D School Resources, Ideo Method Cards, Attribute Listing, Random Input, Brainstoriming, Creative Problem Solving, Synectics,, Research, Asking Questions, Research Design, Scientific Method, Project Management & Posting, Strategic Planning & Execution, Action, Producing, "B. School", Creating Culture, "Entrepreneurship", Side Hustle Handbook: Personal MBA, Sales, Marketing, Accounting, Talent Recruitment: The Who Is The How, Fundraising, Corporate Finance, "Investment Banking", "Law School", "Architecture", "Cooking", MODULE 0 - THE SCIENCE OF HEALTH, Permaculture & Sustainability, MODULE 1 - KITCHEN, Prepare a hot dish to bring to a potluck, Make Thanksgiving dinner*, Make a few "restaurant only" dishes, Sushi, Institute for Food & Health Essential Cooking/Cutting Techniques for Flexitarians $495, 4 part class, MODULE 2 - THE BAR, Recommend a drink to a friend based on his/her tastes and/or mood, Differentiate among varieties of common spirits, NY Bartending School $800, Brew and bottle your own beer, Create a signature drink, (wo)man the bar at an event*, MODULE 3 - GRILL MASTER, Light a charcoal grill/build a fire, (wo)man the grill at an outdoor barbeque*, MODULE 4 - BRINGING IT TOGETHER, Ettiquitte, "Automechanics", automechanics, drive stick shift, Jump A Car, Oil Change, Wash/Detail, Parallel Park, "Engineering", Becoming A Black GMAT Assassain, Math, Mental Math, Weights & Measurements, "Design", Home Decorating, Tools, Photoshop, InDesign, Graphic Design, Photography, Videography, Documentaries, "Computer Science", Code, frontend, flatiron school prework, VBA, Python, CS 50, backend, Real-Time Computing and the Big Ideas of Computational Reading by Christopher Michael Hancock, Mindstorms: Children, Computers, and Powerful Ideas,,,,,,,, "Scoutmaster", First Aid, "Homemaking", HANDY 103 - "Some Assembly Required", Module 1 - Get it Up, TV, Picture, Window Treatments, Towel Rack, Module 2 - IKEA, Module 3 - AC Units, Install a window unit in 10 minutes, HANDY 104 - "Who Broke It?", Patch a hole, Patch a hole in the wall, Repair the screen in a window or door, Fix a broken toilet, Add/remove tile or hardwood, Tie knots, Module 1 - Laundry, Fold a fitted sheet, Module 2 - Paint, Select appropriate paint colors, Paint a wall, Paint a room, Statistics & Data Analysis, Statistical Understanding, Probability, Bayes' Rule/Theorem, Correlation/Causation, Excel, Macros, Built in Statistics Package, Modeling, Stata, Data Visualization, Periscopic, Tableau, SPSS, R, SAS, Information Systems, HR Information Systems (HRIS), Design, PPT, Personal Finance (PF), Financial Literacy, Financial Flow, Salary, (Direct Deposit) -->Primary Checking Account, (ATM Widtrawal) -->Cash, (Written Checks) --> Check, Rent, (Automated Transfer --> Credit Card, Automated, Gym Membership, Netflix, (Electric), (Gas), Cell Phone, (Cable), (Car Note), Student Loans, Sallie Mae, Not Automated, Professional Development, Clothes, Entertainment, Alcohol, Covers, Dining Out, Groceries, (Automated Transfer) --> Savings, Vanguard Roth IRA, Wachovia Way2Save, ING Savings, Wedding, Wedding Ring, Kids' Education, Business Ventures, Gifts, Emergency Nest Egg, Travel, House Down Payment, Unexpected Spending, 401K/403B, Charles Schwab Checking, Debt, Travel Hacking