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99 seconds: Words As Symbols by Mind Map: 99 seconds: Words As Symbols
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99 seconds: Words As Symbols

I don't really like definitions

I get concerned about them Limiting me

I Change the wording every day

Or worse, every time I look at them

And not necessarily because I've changed, just because that definition isn't rich enough, its not broad enough, or its too wordy, or something

What I do like are Symbols

symbols are abstract

We interpret symbols

they are what we make of them

So instead of definitions I'm going to encourage you to think of a word


A WORD as a symbol

think of a word that resonates

that gets to the core of your current beliefs about testing

a word that you can wrap yourself around and dance around and explore the nuances of

The word I use now is "Responsibility"

Then go back through your history and look at words you used to resonate with

I've used

The word you apply to yourself will change

because you change as you learn

build up a vocabularly

so that your descriptions of what you do will be irresistibly compelling and persuasive