Manipal U eMBA Portal

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Manipal U eMBA Portal by Mind Map: Manipal U eMBA Portal

1. Classroom

1.1. Classroom A

1.1.1. Subjects White Board announcements notifications recent updates upcoming events List of Assignment Assignments Learning Plan

2. e - MBA Campus

2.1. About the Manipal U

2.1.1. Leadership

2.1.2. Expertise

2.1.3. Others..

2.2. Program Offerings

2.2.1. Details

2.2.2. Fees / Duration

2.2.3. Others

2.3. Campus Dashboard

2.3.1. announcements

2.3.2. notifications

2.3.3. recent updates

2.3.4. upcoming events

3. Members

3.1. Faculty

3.1.1. Personal Subject Groups Friends / Student General Details

3.1.2. Professional Subject Groups Fellow lecturers / Students General Details

3.1.3. dashboard announcements notifications recent updates upcoming events Add a note Assignment Update

3.1.4. list of students scrap, mail, chat, send assignments, send attachements Announce

3.1.5. blog/uplaod video lessons/start a forum

3.2. Mentors

3.2.1. Personal Subject Groups General Details

3.2.2. Professional Subject Groups General Details

3.2.3. Others - Similar to Faculty Features

3.3. Students

3.3.1. Student A Profile Personal Professional Student Update Subjects Enrolled Scrap / Message Student Course List friends list Dashboard announcements notifications recent updates upcoming events My class activity My Blogs My Courses Course A School Bag

4. Learning Plan

4.1. Subjects

4.1.1. Subject A BooksA Chapters/Sections Q & As Reference / Library Assignments Reference / Library Faculty Flash Cards

5. Library

5.1. eBooks

5.2. Video Tutorials

5.3. Reference