Changing Lifestyle

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Changing Lifestyle by Mind Map: Changing Lifestyle

1. Religion

1.1. Anna: As for me, I'm an atheist and as I know, the majority of population in China are atheists as well so it won't be difficult to change countries. Moreover I'd like to see some religious buildings like temples and churches.

1.2. Wang:i am an atheist but i am really interested in the Eastern Orthodox Church in Russia. i want to know how it influences the Russian.

2. Studying

2.1. Anna: Of course the most difficult thing is studying Chinese language as I know it's one of the most difficult ones. And secondly, it's much easier to get free education in Russia than in China.

2.2. Wang:I think it is quite a challenge to learn Russian because its voice is quite different from Chinese. I should listen to the professional class in Russian. it must be difficult.

3. Career

3.1. Anna: I think it will be very difficult to find a well-paid job without knowing Chinese and without proper education. Almost impossible I should say and it's a problem.

3.2. Wang:I think i would get a job for teaching Chinese at least. i will try my best to learn Russian to get a job about finance.

4. Family

4.1. Anna: I've noticed that there is almost no differences in family structure and gender roles between China and Russia. What about the limitation of the number of children, I think it's more than OK to have one child. So I guess it will be easy for me to get used to it.

4.2. Wang:i admit i like the children very much. i can accept two or three children in a family. i think if you have enough ability to give the children good environment, you can have more.

5. People

5.1. Anna: What about people in China, I'm so surprised because I've found out that they are more intelligent and friendly than a great part of Russians. I know that they may be a bit cautious with strangers, but I think it's OK.

5.2. Wang:About the people from Russia, i think they are friendly and i think i will have a happy life in Russia.

6. Traditions

6.1. Anna: It goes without saying that traditions in China are not the same as we have in our country. But I think they are not worse because Chinese holidays are so bright and beautiful and Chinese food looks very delicious as well. So I would like to see and try all of that.

6.2. Wang:i think the traditions in Russia are different and interesting, i want to experience the holidays and customs in Russia.i think i will have a memorable time here。

7. Lifestyle and goals

7.1. Anna: As for me, I don't see any major differences there. People in China appreciate family, friendship and career, just like we do in Russia. We have much in common in this sphere.

7.2. Wang:i think we have many commons.And the rhythm of life in China is always very fast,so i want to live a more relaxing life in Russia.