Family layout

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Family layout by Mind Map: Family  layout

1. Lea

1.1. Parents

1.1.1. Glue ear - speech development, age and speech therapy (not yet stated whether involved.)

1.1.2. Behaviour in relation to hearing and age and sibling rivalry

1.2. Lea

1.2.1. Cbeebies

1.2.2. sign along songs


2.1. Brass band

2.2. Sports clubs

3. David

3.1. Parents

3.1.1. Relate family councilling.

3.1.2. Research about physio - but make sure they know that it must be done through paediatrician.

3.1.3. School nurse training? for respite for the parents.

3.2. David

3.2.1. sports clubs within the YMCA

3.2.2. Brass basic music pieces

3.2.3. Description of bully to allow for him to understand its not okay etc - who to speak to.

4. Bus piture with link to bus routes within pill and newport.

4.1. any subsidisation

5. Craig

5.1. Craig

5.1.1. Leisure cente free for youngsters

5.1.2. YMCA brass band and football clubs.

5.1.3. counsilling links to phone numbers etc.

5.1.4. cycle routes redone

5.2. parents

5.2.1. Links to healthy good food from flying start/home start.

6. Susan

6.1. Her as a carer

6.1.1. Self medicating website.

6.1.2. respite care

6.1.3. forum for cystic fibrosis

6.1.4. Subsidised travel cards as a carer?

6.2. Her as a woman

6.2.1. YMCA

6.2.2. fitness classes.

6.2.3. coffee morning

6.2.4. bingo groups?

6.2.5. Mother toddler groups

7. Bill

7.1. him as a peroson

7.1.1. Car ralleys

7.1.2. snooker

7.1.3. pub

7.1.4. Working full time long hours - citizens advice about job options and eligibility.

7.2. him as a carer

7.2.1. Citezens advice bureru

7.2.2. maybe support with money flying start

7.2.3. working with the cystic fibrosis trust to support him.