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#Kinderchat Rainbow Moderator* Teams 2014-2015 by Mind Map: #Kinderchat Rainbow Moderator*
Teams 2014-2015
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#Kinderchat Rainbow Moderator* Teams 2014-2015

Red: Documentations, Reflection, Assessment

Europe: Alec Bowden aka @alecbwdn

Reception class teacher at @Grasvenor | Host of the #EYpodcast | Technology Lover | App/Web Developer | MCFC | All views are my own

NAmerica/Europe: Heidi Echternacht aka @hechternacht

Heidi aka @hechternacht lives in New Hope, PA, USA! Heidi Co Founded Kinderchat in June 2010 with Amy Murray and just can't believe we are here and thriving 4 years later!

NAmerica: Kamini Kamdar aka @kaminikamdar

Yellow: Child Development and Behavior, Classroom Management

Europe: Geoff Billing aka @geoffbilling

NAmerica: Mrs Melva aka @mrsmelva

NAmerica Janice Comrie aka @jcomrie

NAmerica: Seema aka @prefirstrocks

Pin Team: Clair @MillsC2 and Karen @LKn4cats

Europe: Hannah McCrimmon aka @mac_phillips

Orange: Curriculum Areas

Europe: Hannah McCrimmon aka @mac_phillips

Europe: Nicola Fitzpatrick aka @blamehound

NAmerica: @MMEKathleen

NAmerica: @CarrieMarshall1

Pin Team: Anne @kindergeek and Sue aka @prepsue

Green: Nature and Experiential Learning

Europe: Kiarna Corr aka @CiarnaC

Claire Lowrey aka @clairewiththere

NAmerica: Mardelle Sauerborn aka @learningmurd

NAmerica: Leanne aka @namesescapeme

Pin Team: Clair @MilsC2 and Karen @LKn4cats

Blue: Research and Readings

NAmerica: Amy aka @happycampergirl

Champion of hope. Play is a practice. Tech is a tool. If you don't have a sandbox, you don't need an iPad. I heart the #kinderchat. Amy is CoFounder of Kinderchat. You can find her in her Office over at

@MrazKristine aka Kristine Mraz

Pin Team: Anne @kindergeek and Sue @prepsue

Europe: @prepsue

Europe: @hechternacht

Indigo: ECE Policy and Current Issues

NAmerica: @TeacherMeg

NAmerica: Rachael McDonald aka @mcdonaldrachael

Pin Team: Frannie Gay aka @franniegay

Violet: Tools, Tech

Europe: Alec Bowden

NAmerica: Matt Gomez aka @mattbgomez

NAmerica: Tracy Cramer

NAmerica: Meg Franco @mlsmeg

Pin Team: Clair and Karen


Team Leader: Frannie Gay aka @franniegay

@kindergeek aka Ann

@Lkn4cats aka Karen Foley

@MillsC2 *Europe aka Clair Mills

@prepsue *Europe aka Sue Carpenter