Pulse Point Social Media Campaign

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Pulse Point Social Media Campaign by Mind Map: Pulse Point Social Media Campaign

1. Content sources

1.1. Press Release

1.2. Professional Photos

1.2.1. Facebook Cover Photo

1.2.2. Twitter Infographic style photo

1.3. Human Interest Stories

1.4. Google Map of Public AED locations

1.5. Pulse Point APP

1.5.1. Android

1.5.2. iOS

1.5.3. Google Store

1.6. Professional Videos

1.6.1. AF&R YouTube Video

1.6.2. MetroNet YouTube Video

1.7. Spontaneous Videos

1.7.1. Instagram Video

1.7.2. Vine Videos

1.8. Spontaneous Photos

1.8.1. Staff with an AED

1.8.2. Photo Public AED signage

1.8.3. Photo AED Cabinet

1.8.4. Photo of phone downloading PulsePoint

1.8.5. Instagram

1.8.6. Vine

2. Twitter

2.1. Talking Points drawn from Press Release

2.2. Still Photos

2.3. Link to YouTube Video

2.4. Link to Press Release on Department website

2.5. @AnaheimCERT Twitter

2.5.1. Amplification of @AnaheimFire messages

2.6. Link to Google Map of Public AED locations

3. Instagram

3.1. Photos of wall-mounted AEDS

3.2. Photos of AEDs in public locations

3.3. 15 Second Video

3.3.1. Find your Nearest Public AEDs

3.3.2. Download the PulsePoint App

3.3.3. Interview CPR/AED instructors

4. YouTube

4.1. City of Anaheim YouTube Channel hosting primary videos

4.2. AF&R YouTube Channel linking to video on a department playlist

5. Amplification Strategy

5.1. Activate Social Media Monitoring Team

5.2. Activate CERT VOST team

5.3. Ensure messages ask people to RT or Share

5.4. Create social media share links "Share on FB, Share on Twitter"

6. Contests/Engagement

6.1. Ask public to share stories of saves with AEDS

6.2. Ask public to find and geotag/photograph AEDs near them

6.3. Create a contest hashtag to promote sharing

7. Facebook

7.1. Link to the Press Release

7.2. Post the Press Release as a Note

7.3. Professional & Spontaneous Photos

7.4. Professional and Spontaneous Videos

7.5. Post to known groups

7.6. Change Facebook cover Photo w/branded photo

8. Vine: is a 6 second video

8.1. Find your nearest AED

8.2. Download the PulsePoint App

9. Next Door

9.1. Share press release and direct back to website landing page: video, app downloads, google map of public AED locations

10. Monday Morning Messages

10.1. Give staff tools to share via social

11. Anaheim CERT Pinterest

11.1. Link to YouTube Video

11.2. Link to PulsePoint Apps

11.3. Link to CPR/AED Information

11.4. Link to Google Map of AED locations

12. Campaign Measures

12.1. Increase in followers

12.2. App downloads registering Anaheim

12.3. Traditional Press Coverage

12.4. Media outlet retweets or shares

12.5. General retweets or shares

12.6. An actual save using the app

12.7. Photographs sharing AEDs near people

12.8. Comments/Dialogue or stories shared

13. Mini-Campaign follow-ups

13.1. Volunteer CPR/AED class scheduled for 4/26

13.2. Hands - only CPR at Fire stations

13.3. Hands-Only CPR at Farmer's Market one night?

13.4. First save from an AED where PulsePoint user intervened