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Government failure by Mind Map: Government failure
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Government failure

I beleive the Australian Governemnt has failed the Australian people in many ways, not only financially but also politically. I will briefly explain how the Government has failed in dealing with important issues that effect all Australians.

Free Market

The 'Free Market' economic system in Australia has virtually destroyed the Australian economy. The free market system has also encouraged employers to pay thousands of employees an unfair salary. Rather than paying the employess a fair wage that reflects the profits of the business, the employer is allowed to and encouraged to keep the profits to him/herself and/or give it back to shareholders, this is encourged by the Australian Government. The free market allows employers to produce as much product as they please, as opposed to producing the required ammount. Because of the free market many organisations in Australia over produce, the Australian Government has not and will not intervene with the ammount of production made. This may seem harmless but global over production is what has caused the recent global financial crisis. For the first time in history we are in a global financial crisis because we have too many products and because of over production! The GFC has lead to many businesses closing down, billions of dollars lost ranging from supperannuation payments to shares/investments, not to mention the increasing unemployment rate. If the Australian Government was to regulate the ammount of production organisations make, we would not be facing the current financial crisis in Australia. Organistaions like Coles and Woolworths have also been able to monopolise the 'super market' industry which has resulted in Ausralia becoming one of the most expensive countries to live in. Everyday neccessities like bread and milk have are becoming more expensive each day, all thanks to the free market. The Australian Government is aware of the above problems but again has failed to act upon it and in most cases failed to recognise there is a problem. And worst of all the Australian Governemnt claims that the free market is the only rachional ecoonmic system, so the Government has placed incentives for businesses to increase production rate and further enncourage free market policies.


Many Australians ask 'why is there no opposition to the Government?' the reason is that is can be almost impossible tooverthrow the current government. As a Australians we have a realistic choice of to political parties: Labour party and the Liberal party. Both parties are guilty of failing Australians. I will discuss posiible outcome for political parties and citizens who choose to oppose the Australian Government.


Political parties

Tools of control

Ways in which the Australian Government 'controls' the opinions, salaries and lifestyle of most Australians.

Mass media


Incentives and subsidies

Property rights

The Australian dream of owning your own home is a fast escaping dream. The Australian Government has failed in keeping properties at a fair price, reducing taxes associated with property purchases and keeping interest rates down. According to the Real Estate Institute of Victoria the average median house price in metropolitan Melbourne is $540 000. According to the National Bank of Australia over a 40 year mortgage for $540 000, the homeowner will have paid back over $2 000 000. The Government failed in controlling the property market and also failed in keeping interest rates down. Melbourne has become the most expensive city in the world, a 40 year mortgage or more bluntly a $2 000 000 debt to simply call somewhere home, is a outright disgrace. Not to mention the stamp duty and GSt associated with property purchases and sales. Many Governments around the world have fought to keep property prices fair and to keep interest rates low, however the Government in Australia has failed to do this.


Poverty in Australia is generally refered to the stereotypical poor Australian, there is rarely mention of the average Australian. We are all familiar with the stereotypical aspect of poor Australians; they have no housing, money, food, income etc. However the Australian Government has failed to recognised the current state of most average Australians, although most Australians do not appear to be living in poverty, the fact is that Australians are the most 'in debt' people in the world. So an average Australian paying off his/her house or car, does not own the car or house, the car or house is owned by a bank. Therefore making the Australian who is working hard to pay off the house or car, still not the owner of the house or car even after making payments over 30 years. Many Australians have credit card debts or mortgages, that are not only a part of their everyday life but have become a neccessity. An Australian could easily argue that it is virtually impossible to live in Australia without being in debt. So long as a person is in debt, they own nothing. The government has failed in not being able to fix the common debt or poverty among Australians, but the Australian Government will not even recognise the common debt as a problem. The Australian Government believes in 'growth' where borrowed money is a neccessity, not only for individuals but also for the Australian Government itself.

Public welfare

Unlike many european Governments, the Australian Governments welfare payments(Centrelink) is well below the poverty line. The Australian Government follows the Functionalist approach and purposes puts the welfare payments on a ridiculously low level, so that Australians will go to work, rather then live on welfare. This has disastrous effects on Australians, the Government has failed to ensure Asutralians living in difficult circumstances will have a sufficent income. The Government has also nnot taken into consideration the disabled and elderly. The Disablilty payments and the pension are both below the poverty line, the Functionalist cannt be applied to the disabled or elderly, however the Australian Government has.

Public ownership

The Australian Government has privatised many public organistaions. There are many i can name, however i will focus on one; water. Decades ago water was free for Australians, the Government has since sold off the water entities in charge of producing and supplying water to Ausralians. They were all sold to private companies. The Government has also failed to regulate prices in water consumption which resulted in very high water prices. This is just one example of many publicly owned entities that the Government has sold off, thus making life harder for all Australians.