DevOps Landscape

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DevOps Landscape by Mind Map: DevOps Landscape

1. Process Basics

1.1. Focus on thinking like a "product" team, not a project team

1.1.1. project team delivers point in time fix, rarely revisits "fire and forget"

1.1.2. product team cares about life-span of the product studies how to improve the product "owns" the product

1.1.3. product team

1.2. Developers make build

1.3. Run tests

1.3.1. app tests

1.3.2. infrastructure tests

1.4. promote build to staging

1.4.1. deploy on "cold" inf.

1.4.2. run all tests

1.5. production

1.5.1. re-route production to "cold" inf.

1.5.2. you can rollback to previous one

1.5.3. database upgrades

1.6. microservices

1.6.1. with microservices, you design things so that data upgrades are less of a problem

1.7. feedback collection

1.7.1. operational metrics to see if app is performing

1.7.2. business metrics to see if app is doing the right thing how to improve the product

2. Considerations

2.1. Find things that are unique or critical to DevOps

2.2. Not just programming and systems management constructs

3. Coding

3.1. IDEs

3.2. Languages

3.3. Frameworks

3.4. Middleware

3.5. Datastores

4. ALM tools

4.1. Project management

4.2. Bug tracking

4.3. Requirement tracking

4.4. Kanban board

5. Configuration & Release management

5.1. Automation tools

5.2. Packaging tools

6. Platforms

6.1. PaaS

6.2. IaaS

6.3. cluster management schemes

6.4. Plain old Linux

6.5. Operational middleware

6.5.1. Monitoring APM log analysis node management

6.5.2. things like caches, accelerators, stuff used in production?

7. Continious delivery

7.1. build

7.2. QA running

8. Feedback Analytics