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Wiki-Dairy by Mind Map: Wiki-Dairy
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Animal Welfare

Animal Handling, Branding, Dehorning, Surgeries, Tail Docking, Transportation

Animal Health, Diseases, Communicable, Human concern, Mad Cow/BSE, Brucellosis, TB, Johannes (sp), Non-human concern, Foot & Mouth, Evironmental, Mastitis, Micotoxin, Metabolic, Milk Fever, Ketosis, Displaced Abomasum

Animal Housing, Cafos, Calf Hutches, Free Stalls, Bedding, Concrete, Open Lots, Pasture, Veal Crates

Animal Nutrition, Feed Ingreedients, Additives, Binders, Rumensin, Sodium Bicarb, Yeast, Byproducts, Cotton Seed, Wheat Mill Run, Energy Feed, Bypass Fats, Corn, Cotton Seed, Forages, Grass, Hay, Alfalfa, Oats, Wheat, Silage, Alfalfa, Corn, Milo/Sorghum, Wheat, Protein Feed, Dried Distillers Grains, Soybean Meal, Canola, Vitamins & Minerals, NRC, Professional Nutritionists, Training, Certifications

Prop 2

Certification, National FARM program


Family Farms, Estate Tax, Succession planning, Urban Flight


Labor, Heat Stress, Immigration Reform, Overtime, Unions, Wages

Local impact

Markets, Feed, Commodity Pricing, Ethanol, Hedgefunds, Milk, Anti-Trust, Companion markets, Cooperatives, Federal & California MMOs, Gross Margin Insurance, Milk Pricing & Pooling, Supply Management

Population Growth

Rural Development

Subsidies, CCC, Cooperative Extention, DIEP, Disaster Relief, MILC, Support Price

Trade, Free Trade Agreements, Trade Bariors, Unregulated Imports, MPC, Casien


Air Quality, CMP's, California Rule 4570, Dust/PM10, Smog/VOC/PM2.5

Conservation Tillage

Endangered Species, Delta Smelt, Kangaroo Rat, Salmon?, Tri colored blackbird

GHG/Climate Change, AB32, Cap & Trade, Carbon Sequestration, Methane Digesters, Methane Gas, Nitrogen, Solar Farms, Transportation, Wind Farms

Land Use, Buffer Zones, Dairy building codes, Permits, Authority to construct, Animal Units, Eminent domain, Land Trusts, Urban Sprawl, Williamson Act

Resource Managment, Manure management, Composting, Discharges, Distribution, Separation, Soil, Salts, Nitrates, Water, Ground Water, Monitoring, Protection, Recharge, Irrigation Technology, Chemigation, Drip Irrigation, Buried, Surface, Fertigation, Overhead Irrigation, Center Pivot, Linear, Regulation, Surface Water, Convayance, Canals, Tunnels, Storage, Above Ground, Underground

Water Quality, CERCLA/EPRA/Superfund, Ground Water, NPDES Permits, Nutrient Management, Surface Water, Waste Discharge Requirements

Dead animal management, Rendering, Composting, Emergency management

Human Health

Antibiotic Resistance

Food Safety, National Animal Id, Tracability

Hormones, Reproductive, GNRH, Lut, Cedars, Growth, BGH, Posilac, rBST

Human Nutrition

Milk Processing, Homoginization, Pasteurisation, Raw Milk

Milk Quality Standards, California Standards, Federal Standards, Fortification, Solids Non-Fat, Somatic Cells


Production Practices

Corporate Consolidation

Family Farms




Technology, Crop, Biotech, Benefits, Productivity Traits, drought tolerance, yield improvements, cost benefits, Quality Traits, pest reduction, Concerns, Weed resistance, Pest Resistance, Human health, Pesticides, resistance, environmental impact, Equipment, GPS, Satellite infrared imaging, Variable rate application



Agrochem, BASF, Bayer Crop Science, Croplan, Dow Agrosciences, DuPont/Pioneer, Monsanto, Syngenta

Feedstuffs, ADM, Cargill

Pharma, Elanco, Fort Dodge, Novartis, Phizer, Schering-Plough

Dairy Processors

Cooperative, California Dairies Inc., Dairy Farmers Of America, Land O Lakes

Private, Foster Farms, Hilmar Cheese, Luprino, Producers Dairy

Public, Dean foods, Kraft, Saputo

Government Agencies

Non-Regulatory, FSA, NRCS, UC Coop Extention

Regulatory, CDFA, Cal EPA, CalOSHA, California Air Resources Board, California Water Quality Control Board, FDA, US EPA, USDA

Non-Government Agencies

Sustainable Conservation

Western United Environmental Services

Related Industries

This list of related industries is not necessarily for posting wiki.  It is to be used as a resource to track down information.   These look very CA based (as far as the beef processing, etc). This is to be a nationwide effort, right?

Auction Yards, A & M Livestock Auction, Martella Livestock Auction, Overland Stockyards, Tulare County Auction, Tulare County Stockyards in Dinuba

Beef processing, BPI, Central Valley/Coehlo Meat, Harris Ranch

Calf Ranches, Grimmius, Mendes, Vlot Brothers, New node

Environmental / Civil Engineers, Provost & Prichard, Manny Souza

Other Livestock, Pork, Poultry, Layers, Meat


Retail Food, Albertsons, Costco, Safeway, Walmart, Meijers, Krogers

Row Crops, Corn, National Corn Growers Assoc., Cotton, Trade Associations, Cotton Board, Cotton Foundation, Cotton Incorporated, National Cotton Council, Soybeans, Trade assoc. National, American Soybean Association, United Soybean Board, Trade assoc State/Reg




Public, Cal Poly SLO, Fresno State, UC Davis, UC Coop Extention

Trade Associations

Beef, Beef Checkoff

Dairy, Organizations, California Farm Bureau Federation, California Milk Advisory Board, Dairy CARES, Dairy Council of California, Dairy Export Council, Dairy Marketing Inc., National Milk Producers Federation, Western United Dairymen, Programs, CDQAP, Dairy FARM, CWT

Related Industries, California Feed and Grain Association


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