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BA worshop 1 Lesson learn by Mind Map: BA worshop 1 
Lesson learn
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BA worshop 1 Lesson learn


Clearly set the rules to participants


Give participants a few minutes to write down there ideas by there own

Leave the scope and elevator statement always visible

It helps to keep focus on whats to be achieved as participant always can see it.

Nothing good can be done with no good plan

Explain what the purpose of the activity done and define/remind clearly the "BA" terms (requirement, scope...)

Team group dynamics

Keep the focus on the braimstorming scope

Don't let side discussions, bring them back in the team

If things goes wild, cool it by asking participants to take a few minutes to gather ideas by there own

at a certain point, we were having a sort of "messy" discussion and debate; Bob just suggest us to gather our ideas on our own for a few minutes. When we came back the discussion was more relaxed, fluid and productive.

Bon coups

Elevator statement

Role game


Technics we uses during our workshop


Stakholders impact/Influence matrix


Use more drawing (context diagram, mind mapping, maps...)

Mauvais coups

Having a laptop during this workshop

I found it did slowing down the flow of our workshop.