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SCUBA by Mind Map: SCUBA
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Underwater Photos

Buy camera

Buy case

Dive Gear

Dive Computer (Rent from BB)

Underwater light (Rent from BB)

Regulator (Rent from BB)

BC (Rent from BB)

Wetsuit (Rent from BB)

Scuba Gloves (bought for $60)

Spare straps and pieces kit (Buy)

Tim Hawn Another question for all youprevious. Anything you wished you would have brought with you you didn't? Or anything you wished you would have left at home?

Ken Jones gold bond powder ,make sure you pack it July 10 at 9:19am · LikeUnlike ·

Tonya Schulze Davenport Clothespins for hanging your clothes out to dry and gallon ziploc bags to put your clothes in under your mattress July 10 at 10:11am · LikeUnlike ·

Lara McClendon small fan- if you are going in summer .... and less clothes that I thought I would need July 10 at 1:32pm · LikeUnlike

· o Tonya Schulze Davenport electric or hand held fan? July 10 at 4:49pm · LikeUnlike

· o Lara McClendon two of the guys on our trip had small (6" maybe) electric fans that had clips. There are outlets on the ceilings. Just to have a slight breeze would have been nice on some nights, but other nights were nice and cool. There is AC, but the h...atches are open and the AC flows out, unless someone remembers to close it down early evening to cool the cabins off for night time. We learned this when it rained, had to close it down which left it cooler for the night sleeping. But the fans would have been nice.See More July 11 at 12:46pm · LikeUnlike

Brendan Bradshaw A cushion for you to sit on when on deck. July 13 at 9:52am · LikeUnlik

Bill Mixon A stadium seat is great. A Kindle is too. July 13 at 7:29pm · LikeUnlike

Mae Johnson Just take bathing suits--you don't need a lot of clothes! I had to use a lot of anti-biotic ointment due to being scraped across island coral, but it didn't slow me down any! July 19 at 4:46pm · LikeUnlike

Lara McClendon KIndle in a Ziploc! Too much salt for those electronics. July 13 at 11:00pm · LikeUnlike

Mae Johnson Some sort of sit-upon would have been good! July 19 at 4:46pm · LikeUnlike

John Gamble take less clothes than you are planning on... MUCH less. take your regulator, dive comp, mask, fins and snorkel and rent the rest (of dive gear) Ipod is mandatory. July 29 at 12:33am · LikeUnlike ·

My Trip to Bahamas (Dec 11-18)

Blackbeard's Cruises Liveaboard

Blackbeard's Facebook Group

Plane Tickets

depart Friday Dec. 10 at 6 AM

depart Saturday Dec. 18 at 11:15 AM


Towne Hotel, Booked Dec. 10-11, Booked Dec. 17-18

Divers Alert Network

Membership #: 2219931

Health Insurance (Master Plan)

Cost $2520

Plane $530 (paid)

Boat Trip $1150

Trip $1000, Paid $1000

Tip $150, Give cash to Captain at end of trip, Bring Cash USD

Medical Insurance $90


Gear Rental: $230

Paid to Black Beard

Misc Expenses / Spending: $300

Bring Cash USD

Hotel for 2 nights ($160)

Shopping List


Giant Ziplock Bags


gold bond powder

motion sickness meds

ear drops (acetic acid otic solution, USP 2 percent)

clothes pins

water proof cushion

anti-biotic ointment

few more swim suits

Stuff to bring

PADI card

DAN card

mask, snorkel, fins, boots, gear bag

music player

netbook w/ USB HDD