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Project by Mind Map: Project
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Items for Review

NEW (to discuss)

Capture stuff here. Especially those things which do not yet appear in a project plan, a log etc. This ensures we capture it, so that we can manage it properly either: a) into nothingness OR b) into another log or a task to be tracked here  

Previous actions

Once captured and discussed any actions outstanding are kept here, for reference and managing to completion  

COMPLETE actions

Put completed actions in here if you believe it may be useful to refer to it at a later stage. If no, just delete the action branch.




Links to any other mindmaps or reference docs that we need to call upon on a regular basis

Key Decisions

Capturing any key decisions that affect the project substantially. Anything worth reminding us of later, when the "journey" is reviewed, or questioned.


New Risk



1 stop shop project reporting, rather than having lots of different methods and mechanisms



Regular progress review

Standard agenda for regular project progress and actions meeting


Any ad-hoc or other planned meetings that ought to be captured against the project


Kick off

Sprint - Setup/Skeleton

Sprint - Essential features

Sprint - Initial live

Sprint - Business as usual

Sprint - Training/Keys handover

Project Close

Work Sprint

Sprint Planning

Sprint Start

Sprint in progress

Core Team

Project Sponsor

Project Lead