Power Point for China Class

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Power Point for China Class by Mind Map: Power Point for China Class

1. Main Topic

1.1. 如果自建平台做出口跨境电商

2. Main point

2.1. Why you need build your own website, not only use Import/export portal, or attend international expition

2.1.1. http://www.alibaba.com/ >image

2.1.2. http://www.made-in-china.com/ >image

2.1.3. Because not everyone use portal, but everyone know Google. Same as Baidu in Chinese >image

2.1.4. And you don't compete with every factory on Portal >image

2.1.5. Even Portal self use Google get traffic

2.1.6. You can take No.1 position on Google search overnight > image 。 Show site position for "alibaba" and "mad-in-china"

2.2. 1. Build your english webiste fast by use landing page platform

2.2.1. traditional way to build website is too slow, and is not optimise for overseas buyer Server in China, slow for overseas buyer hard to build, hard to maintatin, web dev doing for you And is not mobile compatiable Design is bad >image http://www.th-sport.com/about/?155.html http://www.th-sport.com

2.2.2. Use Landingpage platform can solve your problem build english website in 2 hours you can pick template by build your site quickly Or you can copy and modify on any design you like global website server is fast design for lead generation phone clickable form mobile SEO adwords email google map social > Inchcare - use good looking one

2.3. 2. Create your english webiste copywriting fast by understand your overseas buyer's need

2.3.1. Why your exist english site is not good enough design is needed but more important, copywriting

2.3.2. Whats is copywriting writing your website site article match client's need

2.3.3. Copywriting basic understand feature vs benefit then change to build point > image Show inchcare LDP copywriting website

2.4. 3. Getting traffic and conversion fast by using google adwords

2.4.1. Why use Google Adwords Google control 60% of all Non-Chinese speaking search engine market > image - google 60% So easy to start with only need is a gmail account and international credit card you can set bid as low as you can targeting any International country targeting their working hours Find how may search for each area for your product keyword targeting hundres keyword your want

2.5. 4. Convert overseas buyer fast by using Skype local phone number and 24 hours Mobile online chat tools

2.5.1. Skype local phone number for voicemail make it mobile clickable

2.5.2. Online chat on mobile sample > image

2.5.3. Email enquire form

2.5.4. Capture customer database Free - mailchimp email marketing > image - price page send new product update

3. Q and A

3.1. > image - Kai wechat qr-code

3.2. >image - iwebpower.com.au