Medieval Japan

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Medieval Japan by Mind Map: Medieval Japan

1. Society

1.1. Noble class

1.1.1. Emeperor Stripped of political power by Shogun Yorimoto Only a figurehead Had no power.

1.1.2. Shogun Brought a period of peace and prosperity to Japan that lasted 250 yrs Banned the practise of christianity in Japan Political leader

1.2. Warrior class

1.2.1. Daimyo Medieval equivalent of Army generals. Usually owned large areas of land Warlords

1.2.2. Samurai 10% of Medieval Japan's population Noble warriors Followed Bushido

1.2.3. Ronin Made up most of the army Saamurai who had lost their master. Paid mercenaries

1.3. Working class

1.3.1. Farmers/ Fishermen Very respected because they fed Japan Usually very poor No political power

1.3.2. Artisans Craftsmen Weren't that powerful or respected. Very wealthy.

1.3.3. Merchants Hated by society. Extremely Rich. Never really made anything themselves.

2. Bushido

2.1. Elements

2.1.1. Fidelity

2.1.2. Politeness

2.1.3. Virility

2.1.4. Simplicity

2.2. Seppuku

2.2.1. If you didn't follow Bushido then you had to commit Seppuku

2.2.2. Honourable way to die

2.2.3. Ritual Suicide