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client's needs

adress systemic chalenges

decision making processes, fail, (in)ability to change, complexity gap


collaboration, common interest

types of places

laboratories (MIT / saclay)

public collectivities

Int industries, life science, transports, energy, etc.


right conditions, right word, right tool, = not enough, needs process, emotion, impact, iteration, goal ~ process, right interactions

event?, rdv, workshop, seminar, OR long term?, succession of events, include clients & fournisseurs, 'extended company', ecosystem, temporality, Russian doll, they all nest into each other, different environment = different way of thinking, build an opinion / break it / start again

be part of something, needs an OUTPUT, apropriation, identification, not team building, paint ball, belonging

Delivery mode


'making of', show the process, video

Philosophy, simple / bold images, visualisation of the concept, Storyboarding, Schematic, Illustrated metaphore

build an example, BNPP?, Story telling, Storyboarding, 3D / CAD, Modeling, Animating, Rendering, integrated videos, Interactivity, video?

has to fit the model presented, Immersion, Interactivity, Augmented Reality?, Use a prototype 'live', mindmap

Working prototypes / lab, Flash / Silverlight, Arduino, Virtools, C++, OpenFramework, Cinder, Processing, web, HTML5, communication, faked?, lab part, try things out, RFID

Visual models, Interfaces, animation, Flash, After effects, Stills, Photoshop, Illustrator, Physical, Rapid prototyping, + sanding, + painting, laser cut, CNC, scale?, full size, scaled down

engage the audience, lab, relate to exciting things they've seen, Minority report, Iron man, before, build up pressure, Do stuff before, website?, Trailers, Sneak preview, Let them ask questions, make sure we answer them, Google spreadsheet, SMS, invitations, include RFID, does something in the evening, include QR, include riddle / game, during, voting system, SMS, website, download App, App store restricted!, Apps ready on iPads, Game?, choose your ending?, presentation in which you're the hero, SMS / call, Get everyone's number, both ways, display showing comments, magic

Where?, Pop-up place to show the possibilities, -> some place exciting, on a boat / skydiving / under water?

Who?, Skill based, Not only one speaker

video for client?

Infrastructure (Laurent + Alfrd)

3 types of 'spaces'

fixed spaces, research centers?, city centers, wow factor

@ the client's, nomadic, hotel?, conventions?, community spaces, co-working spaces, labs, think tanks, Incubator, client's company, Go where the problem is, Factory

Virtual, "Workspace" in line with intention, private -> forest?

each space has to be able to hold an event, a specific moment of an engagement, conviviality, facilitation / collaboration, common identity, stilmulation?, continuous event, general interaction + one to one / one to few interactions, straight from the 1st interactions, Always the 3 spaces or not?, synchrone / asynchrone, + Physical / digital

How to leverage technology to transform collaboration and value creation?

H/H interaction, collective intelligence

H / System interface, DSM, Long distance, phone, visio, light infrastructure

How to instantly visualize my thoughts?, Visualise complexity, Visualise the evolution of the problem, GroupPartners, Kartou, data viz, modeling, language, Tag Cloud, map / territories, organism / system, autre chose que du ModelChop

How to interact with my issues?, immersion, Augmented reality?, contribution, How to prioritise / rate content?, limit risk, louder isn't better, weak signals, senses, experts, How to automate content iteration?, prototyping, inclusive, simulation, Library of virtual objects, RACI, processes, DATA

Ecosystem (Olivier + Alizée)

How to articulate with consulting?

consulting or not consulting?, expert, objectivation, pleasure, let people be what they want to be, performant systems & processes, too much?, resistance mechanisms, 2 different angles, mater VS environment, expert VS light saber

What portfolio of expertise?

what partners?

Is intuition our differenciating skill?

What engagement model with each typology of stakeholders within our ecosystem?

motivations, pride

partnerships, un-natural ones, 104?


How to stay up to date (ahead?) with technology and practices?

innovation R&D, L'échangeur

+ back office

+ KM

animation of this ecosystem

Approach (Greg + Alfrd)

Principles / mindset

How do you wire your brain?




Both ways?

What can we leverage?

What's out there?

other methodologies, consulting, SWAT, facilitation methods, from mars...

What body of knowledge for the new model?

fondamentals, facilitation skill set, formation, open risk, delay decision making for iterations, protect openness, leave the window open, manipulation?, ask questions (awkwarly), put the user in a contributing capacity, put user in danger?, help the stronger one win?, Pedagogy, listening, empathy, Pleasure, process design, ambitious, TAYLORED, Re.Co.De, Re-iterate, recursion, Collaborate, no one knows everything, Decision / design, output, action, where we want to go, how to get there, Love: give something you don't have to someone who doesn't want it...

evolving, open, absorbtion

from 4 different fields


unshared (from network)


Mars, LEGO Serious Play, IDEO, hackers, open source

Experience (Frank + Alizée)

Articulate physical & digital

New types of emotions with digital?

link to avatar?, Projection of yourself

New types of interactions

Delivery but also all the other phases



also follow-up

COHERENCE, control the experience from end to end, paper or digital?

Not only for the client, feedback loops!, their feelings, Not Disneyland

From A to Z

experiment something new

serious game, mechanisms, Goal, Challenge, capabilites VS barriers, Reward, perception


Play VS Game, Learn the rules by yourself

Stage technology