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client's needs

types of places


Delivery mode

Infrastructure (Laurent + Alfrd)

3 types of 'spaces'

How to leverage technology to transform collaboration and value creation?

Ecosystem (Olivier + Alizée)

How to articulate with consulting?

What portfolio of expertise?

what partners?

Is intuition our differenciating skill?

What engagement model with each typology of stakeholders within our ecosystem?

How to stay up to date (ahead?) with technology and practices?

+ back office

animation of this ecosystem

Approach (Greg + Alfrd)

Principles / mindset

What can we leverage?

What's out there?

What body of knowledge for the new model?

from 4 different fields

Experience (Frank + Alizée)

Articulate physical & digital

New types of emotions with digital?

Delivery but also all the other phases

experiment something new

Stage technology