Edmodo - Jim Whetzel

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Edmodo - Jim Whetzel by Mind Map: Edmodo - Jim Whetzel

1. Collaborate

1.1. Spotlight App

1.1.1. Download other educator's lessons and Resources

1.1.2. Create and share lessons and resources

1.2. Set up Student Groups for project work

1.3. Create Folders and Share files with groups

1.4. Link Google Docs and Microsoft OneNote for cooperative learning.

2. Instruction and Assessments

2.1. Create Assignments

2.1.1. Can the assignments be shared amongst students so that they can collaborate within an assignment?-Dr. Fritz Assignments can include link to a Google Doc that can be used for collaborative work or students can send comments to other students with information to include in a group project. J. Whetzel

2.2. Create Quizes

2.3. Hi Jim,Does Edmodo have any specific curriculum based assessment tools that could be used by teachers who need to show specific examples of quantitative data? Z. Velykis

2.3.1. Edmodo has an app called Spotlight that has assessments based on Common core standards for Math and Language Arts. Since I am teaching chemistry, I have not tried the application. J. Whetzel There are some really interesting resources within Spotlight! Thank you for sharing. - L. Beeson

3. Communicate

3.1. Send and receive messages and reminders to students or teachers

3.2. ARe there ways to monitor students' communication within this tool? -Dr. Fritz

3.2.1. Good question. Since teachers set up groups I believe all communication is also sent to teacher.

4. And it is Free

5. I love that Edmodo is set up to look and work like Facebook, which makes children (and adults) feel more excited to use it. Students spend so much time on the internet, if we can't beat them, we may as well join them! -P. Fradin