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My Portal by Mind Map: My Portal
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My Portal


Playstation 3

Games, Disk, Call of Duty 4, Gran Tursimo Prologue, GTA IV, Assasins Creed, Tom Clancy Las Vegas, Oblivion IV, Hdd

Accessories, Eyetoy

Bluray, Black Hawk Down, Casino Royale


Mountain Biking



Business Management





Better Man, Better Days Murray Pete F C And I saw it com ing Em Am I saw em ptiness and tr agedy F C And I felt like running Em So far away F Then knew I had to stay C And I know I'm o lder Em Am I look b ack and I still feel the pain F C Em I know I'll be s tronger and I know I'll be fine C Em Am For the rest of my days Chorus F C Em Am I've seen better days F C Em Am Put my f ace in my h ands F C Em Am Get down on my knees and I p ray to God F C Em------Am Hope he sees me through to the en----------d F C I notice most thi ngs Em Am But I didn' t notice the c hange F C It was hot in th e morning Em Then it turned so cold F Towards the end of the day C There was no conv ersation Em Am I just fel t like I was i n space F C I needed my fri ends there Em I just tur ned around C Em Am You were gone without a trace Chorus x 1 (Single strum this first section) F C Now I have just started Em Am And I wa ndered on to the end F C There's nothing I have lost Em (strum) That was once placed upon my hands F C And all of these hard times Em Am There fading around the bend F C And now that I'm wiser Em C Em Am I cannot wait till I can help my friends Chorus x 2 F C Em Am F Seen better Na Na Na Na Na Na Na C Em Am F Na Na Na Na Na Na Na C Em Am F Na Na Na Na Na Na Na C Em Am F Na Na Na Na Na Na Na END