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Types of questions 4a by Mind Map: Types of questions 4a
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Types of questions 4a

YES/NO questions

Auxiliary verb + subject + main verb...? Yes/No.

  Exception! For the verb be in simple present and simple past, we do not use an auxiliary verb. We simply reverse the positions of be and subject: Hans is German. Is Hans german? He was home. Was he home?  

Do you want dinner? Yes, I do.

Can you drive? No, I can't

"WH" questions

Question word + auxiliary verb + subject + main verb...?

  Wh-questions use interrogative words to request information. They cannot be answered with a yes or no. Interrogative words are also called Wh - words because most of them starts with wh. For example: which, whose, who, what, where...  

What are you doing?

Where are you going?

Who are you?

Choice questions

Auxiliary verb + subject + main verb + OR...?

Do you wan't tea or coffe?

Will we meet Frank or James?

Was it blue or red?

Tag questions

Tag question is a grammatical structure which turns a statment sentence or an imperative one into a question by adding a "tag". British people prefer the name "question tag", and their American brothers "tag question".

Statmen or imperative + interrogative fragment (tag)

Open the window, will you?

You did your engwiki assigment, didn't you?