Guild Wars 2

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Guild Wars 2 by Mind Map: Guild Wars 2

1. Guides

1.1. PvP

1.1.1. New players Stats and build setup Game mechanics and interractions Blasts Reflects Conditions Etc. Rotation and openings How to improve generally Understanding the metagame

1.1.2. Experienced group play Team composition analysis Analyse a game Coaching

1.1.3. In-game Guides Class and build guides, for and against Map guides Duelling

1.2. PvE

1.2.1. New players Stat and build setup Understanding game mechanics

1.2.2. In-game Guide Class/build use Raid/dungeon/fractal guides

1.3. WvW

1.3.1. To be continued...

2. Coaching

2.1. PvP

2.1.1. New player (individual) Play a game with them to coach Analyse gameplay video Skill/class/build demonstration

2.1.2. Competitive Group Analyse gameplay via spectate skrim or video

3. WvW

3.1. To be continued...