QA Interview

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QA Interview by Mind Map: QA Interview

1. Agile Experience

1.1. Scrum / Kanban?

1.2. Stand ups? / Restrospectives?

1.3. What does your ideal agile board look like?

1.4. When do you get involved?

2. Intro

2.1. Workplace Experience

2.2. Story of becoming a tester

3. Remaining Relevant

3.1. How do you keep up to date with the Industry?

3.2. Favourite testing site / blog?

4. Testing Knowledge

4.1. What is Quality?

4.2. What is a bug?

4.3. Testing Techniques...?

4.4. Automation Experience?

5. Practical Application

5.1. How to test...?

5.1.1. A web page

5.1.2. A billing engine

5.1.3. A Db table

6. Misconceptions (tricky questions)

6.1. Testing Vs Checking

6.2. Positive Vs Negative Testing

6.3. Discuss limitations of automation

6.4. How much testing is enough?

7. Teamwork

7.1. Change Requests? Best Practice?

7.2. Reporting bugs/defects to developers

7.3. Managing expectation

7.3.1. Priority and Risk management vs deadline

7.3.2. Explaining the limits of testing