Ideas on Summarizing Discussions

Just an initial demo map, so that you don't start with an empty map list ...

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Ideas on Summarizing Discussions by Mind Map: Ideas on Summarizing Discussions

1. Setting up an Etherpad page

1.1. Use Cases & Templates

1.1.1. Personal Todo List

1.1.2. Vacation Planning

1.1.3. Meeting Minutes

1.1.4. Project Plan

1.1.5. more...

1.2. Everyone contributes to the same note to share in the learning summary

2. Using collaborative mind-mapping

2.1. Everyone will click on the link and login to contribute

2.2. Provides visual learning

2.3. MindMeister (this website) could be an option

3. Learning Journals

4. Using Key Ideas

4.1. part of KeC

4.2. No external Links

4.3. Instead of too many notes, there could be a couple or so to summarize the key findings, so that there aren't too many clicks.