Roberto Clemente

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Roberto Clemente by Mind Map: Roberto Clemente

1. Baseball player

1.1. Began professional career in Puerto Rico playing for the Santucre Crabbers

1.2. Played for the Pittsburgh Pirates of the Major Leagues from 1955-1972

1.2.1. Faced racism in society and baseball

1.3. 12 Gold Glove Awards (1961–1972) 12 All-Star appearances Four NL Batting Championships (1961, 1964, 1965 and 1967) NL MVP Award (1966) Two World Series rings (1960 and 1971) World Series MVP (1971) Member of Baseball Hall of Fame

2. Humanitarian

2.1. Died in a plane crash on the way to Nicaragua to help victims of a massive earthquake. December 31, 1972

2.2. Major League Baseball's "Roberto Clemente Award", the highest award in baseball for sportsmanship and community activism

3. Home: Family & Country

3.1. Born in Carolina, Puerto Rico August 18, 1934

3.1.1. Poor childhood, had to work to help support family

3.1.2. Youngest of seven children

3.1.3. Exceptional athlete during childhood

3.2. Wife Vera & three sons