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Roberto Clemente by Mind Map: Roberto Clemente
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Roberto Clemente

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Baseball player

Began professional career in Puerto Rico playing for the Santucre Crabbers

At age 18, Clemente made the huge leap from amateur status to the Puerto Rican professional league. He signed with the Santurce Cangrejeros in 1952 for $40 per week, with a signing bonus of $400. The Cangrejeros were good. Although Roberto played sparingly, they won the Puerto Rican championship in his rookie year. In his is second year (1953-54), Roberto was able to concentrate on his growing skills by playing every day. His game improved. He hit a respectable .288 for the season and attracted the attention of major league scouts.

Played for the Pittsburgh Pirates of the Major Leagues from 1955-1972

12 Gold Glove Awards (1961–1972) 12 All-Star appearances Four NL Batting Championships (1961, 1964, 1965 and 1967) NL MVP Award (1966) Two World Series rings (1960 and 1971) World Series MVP (1971) Member of Baseball Hall of Fame


Died in a plane crash on the way to Nicaragua to help victims of a massive earthquake. December 31, 1972

On December 23, 1972, a massive earthquake devastated the Nicaraguan capital of Managua. 7,000 people died and thousands of others were injured. More than 250,000 people were suddenly homeless. Roberto lost many friends in the quake. He had spent most of November in Nicaragua managing a Puerto Rican all-star team in the Amateur Baseball World Series tournament. He felt the threat to his many colleagues, thousands of fans and friends. Clemente accepted the honorary chairmanship of an earthquake relief committee and used local media to appeal for help. He worked day and night, even soliciting donations door to door. The relief team raised $150,000, and gathered and shipped nearly 26 tons of food, clothing and medicine by air and sea. Then came reports from Managua—the corrupt regime of General Anastasio Somoza was intercepting the deliveries. Roberto wanted to make sure the food and medicine got to the people who needed it. On New Year’s Eve, he helped load an aging DC-7, then boarded the flight.

Major League Baseball's "Roberto Clemente Award", the highest award in baseball for sportsmanship and community activism

Clemente’s philanthropy was not calculated to gain public or private recognition. He simply wanted to help people in need. For some, his generosity was financial; with others he freely shared his chiropractic knowledge — learned as a result of his own back injury in 1954; and for many others, particularly children, Clemente’s kindness came as free lessons in the game of baseball. Clemente always cared about children. Despite his busy schedule, he made time to hold baseball clinics for kids, especially for those from low-income families. He dreamed of building a “Sports City” where Puerto Rican youth would have ready access to facilities, coaching, and encouragement in many sports. It was another way of working toward a Puerto Rico that was healthier, happier, and fairer. "Everyone knows I've been struggling all my life. I believe that every human being is equal, but one has to fight hard all the time to maintain that equality. -Roberto Clemente

Home: Family & Country

Born in Carolina, Puerto Rico August 18, 1934

Wife Vera & three sons